Get Digitally Organized: Sorting Your Social Media Marketing

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Content fatigue is real. Millions of content pieces clamoring for consumption appear on news feeds every day. Think about why some people hate going on vacation. They return to 200 emails in their inbox of which only 12 matter. According to some statistics, we spend 30 hours a week checking for email. A cluttered digital space creates unproductive digital space, but with the right organization, social media managers sort through the social piles and remain on track.

Keep Priorities Straight

Social overwhelm sneaks up on the best content marketers. In a blink of an eye, we become acrobats juggling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, and blogging strategies. Put down the bowling pins and focus on one key platform at a time. Having a solid social media strategy and content calendar helps maintain priorities. You don’t have to neglect other platforms, but by putting primary energy into revving up content on one network at a time. Gain a solid grasp of what’s working and what’s not before refocusing efforts on the next platform. When you’ve mastered a social network, the task load becomes easier to manage.


Calendars are your friend

Keep your best friend updated with the latest upcoming content. Note what content is going to which social media network and who is responsible for getting it there. A functioning editorial calendar helps maintain accurate to-do lists, both on a daily and weekly level. Use the calendar to create the content you need well ahead of publication time.

Notifications and badges

Do you really need to be alerted every single time you earn a new follower on Twitter? Take a hard look at the notifications and badges you have set up on your smartphone and other devices. It's likely you don't need an alert every single time someone subscribes to a newsletter or follows you on Facebook. Cut back on constant alerts and stick to the notifications that truly matter to your business.

Create Content in Batches

Feel ahead of the game by generating social media posts and blogs in groups instead of one at a time. Walking away from the computer with five drafts and six new graphics feels amazing. Try it sometime. Consider blocking out weekly calendar time solely for content generation, much like marketers do for social media audits and team meetings.

Cut back on subscriptions

Unroll.Me is a special solution that will clean up your email inbox from the newsletters and product offer tsunami. Even better: the remaining email subscriptions are rolled into a single daily recap for easy scanning. There's no reason to save onto old email subscriptions that are not interesting or you simply don't have time for.

“Zero” Inbox

Social media managers need to stay plugged in, but that doesn’t mean we can’t maintain clean inboxes. Create inbox folders or tags to sort important content you want to keep, like potential social content, or promotion requests. As these emails arrive, sort manually or set up an automatic sort. Visit the folders as needed. Delete any email that no longer needs your attention. Speaking of delete...

Automate Archives and Deletes

Do you really need that email from last year? Set up an auto delete or auto archive rule for your inbox. Chances are you'll never miss the deleted emails. If you are concerned about trashing something that you might need later on, create an archive. Cleaning the inbox and folders is refreshing.


When it comes to communication, Slack delivers. Teams of all sizes use the simplified software to cut back on duplicated messaging. Slack replaces messaging in all forms: text, email, Facebook messaging, and more. Drag and drop to share important files with anyone you want. Searchable threads to make finding the information you need easier.

Free yourself from the piles of social messages. Staying on track with a content calendar and automated inbox practices go a long way to managing the material content marketers receive every day.