Get Clicking With Interactive Content


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If user engagement is the most important metric you're using to measure your content marketing plan, then you should consider using interactive content. DemandGen report said 91% of business-to-business buyers prefer interactive, visual content. Content marketer surveys respondents say interactive generates more leads and differentiates their business. Right now could be the time to explore how your company can create meaningful user experiences to jump ahead of the competition.

What is interactive content?

During the last decade, content marketing primarily served as a passive platform. By “passive,” we mean most users only view or read the content. Content marketers exist to try and move a visitor from a content viewer to someone who engages, either by liking, sharing, or downloading more content. Interactive content engages the user from the beginning. Interactive content examples in real estate would be online mortgage calculators, lookbooks, clickable virtual tours, interactive infographics, polls, and surveys. For an example, see 2017 REMAS winner DNA of #CRE, a clickable infographic built by Buildout and theBrokerList.

Why use interactive content?

According to business2community, 2 million blog posts are released every single day and 300 hours of YouTube videos go live each minute. That’s a Mount Everest of content in the web world! Interactive content stands out from the chatter, engaging and educating the audience at the same time. For instance, the BuzzFeed quiz, “what city should you actually live in?” has been liked 2.5 million times. Often times, interactive content can be recycled, continuing to attract new leads for years. Quizzes, white papers, lookbooks generate actionable leads from buyers.

What standing in your way?

Resistance to including interactive content typically concerns the time involved to create it and the bandwidth to support it. Not all interactive content requires extended time to create or extensive knowledge. In the commercial real estate industry, there are service providers that streamline the lookbook and marketing material creation process. Virtual reality tours count as interactive content, and the CRE industry contains several VR/AR providers. Some real estate website hosts include options to add calculators. Other interactive content types could be as easy as installing a certain widget on your website. These include quizzes, surveys, and polls. Some real estate website hosts include options to add calculators.

As we constantly pursue new ways to stand out when the crowd, expect interactive content to become more commonplace in the CRE industry. We're excited to see the creativity and growth from content marketers exploring this content.