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If you’ve done any research on how best to market your commercial real estate business you probably already know that blogging is one of the easiest and most important ways to drive targeted traffic back to your website.

But not everyone feels comfortable with the type of writing required to manage an informative and engaging blog. So, what can you do to improve your blog writing skills so you’re not only engaging your target audience on your website, but encouraging them to work with you?

Choose Topics Interesting to Your Audience

Choosing just the right topics for your commercial real estate blog is arguably the most important part of the content generation process. Your topics will determine the type of clients you are driving to your blog based on their mindset and search results.

Think about your target audience – the ideal client for your real estate business. What is important to them? What are some of the common stressors they face daily? What areas of what you do might they be curious to learn more about? What aspects of commercial real estate do they need help in or are they unsure about? Answer these important questions and you’ll drive exactly the right type of client to your blog.

Attract Readers with a Catchy Title

Many times, we think the best type of blog title is the most descriptive one, but an engaging title is one that creates a curiosity in the mind of your readers. “Important things to consider when looking for commercial real estate” might become “5 mistakes you’re making when looking for commercial real estate.” Which one sparks your interest more?

Sometimes these titles offer clear steps in the way of a bulleted and numbered list, or they spark a certain fear or paranoia that your blog will help diminish. Ask yourself how your title is sparking curiosity and if it isn’t, it might be time to spice it up.

Learn to Use “Open Loops”

Open loops are used to keep a reader engaged throughout the piece to be sure they stick around long enough to reach the end or move on to other pieces you’ve written.

An “open loop” shares a tidbit of information that you’ll be elaborating on later in the piece – almost like periodic previews. This encourages the reader to continue making their way through the blog with a promise of more to come.

Make it Easy to Read

The popularity of blogs has caught on because they cater to the busy lifestyles of the people reading them. They tend to require only a small investment of time and energy. They are often light-hearted, humorous or fun.

To keep your target audience engaged make sure your blog is easy to read as that is the mindset any reader will go onto your website with. Use bulleted lists, write in small paragraphs, utilize the bold and italics functions to emphasize certain sentences in your blog, and most of all – make it fun! If your blog feels like a chore to read, no one will read it.

We know the life of commercial real estate is busy and demanding, and sometimes that doesn’t leave time for creating valuable content designed to draw new business to your firm. In that case, leave it to the experts. We know exactly what your potential clients are looking for when heading to your blog and we’ll be sure you have exactly the right blogging strategy in place to reach your commercial real estate goals.

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