Four Best Social Networks for CRE


Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn, Twitter or Email

Not all social networks are created equal. The purpose and content posting capabilities naturally lend some platforms better to commercial real estate than others. Add in demographic considerations, plus how the company culture fits into social content, and selecting the right social network can leave your head spinning. Example: some real estate users love Snapchat, others don’t see how it could possibly fit, especially when looking at Snapchat’s primary user base of under 25s. You could break the mold and use Snapchat, but is it really the best social network for CRE? The four listed below are probably better.


With over 238 million members and growing, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking social media platform. Build a personal or professional brand using its profile settings. Use the LinkedIn network for making connections to other colleagues or potential business contacts. Follow industry rising stars, top influencers or and key industry leaders. Join a LinkedIn group, like these five real estate groups, to connect with people sharing professional interests. Besides networking and presenting your professional persona, LinkedIn offers content distribution. The good news? People searching LinkedIn's content are more likely to actually read it. Consider using LinkedIn to publish your well-researched or long form content.


The world’s largest social media network is a hard target to miss. When Facebook unveils a new feature, you can be sure the other social networks will follow soon. The amount of content published every day on Facebook is staggering, but CRE professionals still can find success networking and building a brand. Use Facebook’s business pages to distribute original content. The targeted campaign capabilities deliver sponsored content to the right people. Connect with other real estate professionals using Facebook Groups. Launch a whole new marketing campaign with Facebook Live or be among the first to use Facebook 360 for real estate.


Some content marketers think Twitter is dying, but plenty of CRE professionals continue finding success on the quick-paced platform. Businesses use Twitter for customer service, to send quick news, to curate content, and to start conversations. The lists feature grows a following or helps identify new potential contacts. Hashtags make content and other users more discoverable. Twitter Live offers the same instant streaming capabilities as other social networks.


Don’t write off Instagram for CRE. Real estate pros use Instagram to boost their marketing efforts. This visual-first platform has been growing like a weed and recently achieved 700 million active monthly users. Like Twitter, posts are searchable by hashtags. Any images shared here can be sent to Facebook with an easy click, saving some content marketing time. Focus on impressive visuals and engagement when using Instagram.

Regardless of the social media platforms you use, the best way to leverage social media to drive website traffic is with a quality blog. Share the original content across social platforms to make your brand more discoverable and generate new conversations on topics within the industry.