Five Ways to Tweet Live for Real Estate

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel
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Ever since social networks announced live streaming capabilities for all subscribers, the real estate industry pondered how to use the new feature in their content marketing strategy. Live broadcasting immerses audiences in the now by capturing life-changing moments or exchanging information. Twitter’s fast-paced back-forth atmosphere lends itself well to the Live environment. Some features of Twitter Live include:

  • Automatic video posting as a Tweet

  • Real-time comments and hearts while videos are live

  • User ability to respond to audience comments

  • 360-degree live streaming

Real estate professionals seeking to go live have numerous tactics to use.

Peer-to-Peer Interviews

Take the Twitter Chat experience to the next level by going Live. Designate a date and time for the interview or chat experience and advertise like crazy. Consider creating a unique chat hashtag and ask Live followers to tweet questions ahead of time. During the Live broadcast, the audience can comment during the stream and pose questions for a real-time response.

A great example of this is the live #TALKSHOP series by CRE // Tech. Each month CRE // Tech’s CEO, Michael Beckerman, hosts an industry guest and they literally talk shop. Check out what  CRE // Tech is doing at  

Virtual Tours Live

Showcase a special listing with a live virtual tour. Invite the Twitter audience to join you at an appointed time and walk through the listing. Again, the ability to respond in real time to the user comments supercharges the video’s effectiveness.

Host a Seminar

Forget fancy webinar systems. Host an informative session using Twitter Live. Like a regular webinar, respond to real-time user feedback and encourage an interactive conversation with the audience. Pin the Live Tweet to your profile and share later.

Big Announcements

Share the excitement live! A press release announcing a new hire, product, or company merger is great, but to truly get the buzz going share the enthusiasm live. Build up to the moment with teaser Tweets. Use the live experience to let the new team member say a few words or demonstrate a new product coming onto the market.

Impromptu Moment

Play into Twitter’s fast-paced environment and a user’s innate fear of missing out with broadcasting informal moments like behind-the-scenes videos, on scene tours of workshops and conferences, community events, or a fun video series.