Feeling the Love: Valentine's Day Content Marketing Campaign Ideas

Make your customers melt with a charming Valentine's Day campaign. Yes, the real estate industry can design a creative content marketing strategy for the most romantic time of year. Valentine's Day is not about staring deeply into the eyes of a loved one, but making personal connections that resonate with others. Gain inspiration and ideas from other inventive Valentine's Day campaigns from content marketing leaders across the globe.

Happy, sweet, or serious, woo your audience with a Valentine’s Day video campaign. Some of our favorite heartstring-tugging viral marketing campaigns come from Canadian Airline WestJet. While best known for their Christmas series, WestJet created a special Valentine's Day campaign that you can watch here. We’re not suggesting copying the airline and springing for a proposal trip to Barbados, but using how WestJet connects with customers to create special moments for a Valentine’s Day themed message. Bernardi Real Estate Group made a humorous lip-synced music video in 2014 to the “Best of My Love,” showing their office behind the scenes. Maybe you have a video series? Check out Coldwell Banker’s 2015 tip of the day for the romantic holiday. Other ideas: announce a holiday contest giveaway, create a “reasons why we love our clients” video, or ask for testimonial videos from customers about product features they love.

In 2015, Donorschoose.org used the “roses are red” poem to create a simple email campaign asking people to give to a teacher with the same last name as them. It works because it was a personalized campaign with a unique approach inspired by the holiday. Real estate professionals can use a similar tactic in their email marketing campaigns. Create a personalized message to clients asking them to take an action: download a free ebook, take part in a limited campaign, or donate to a cause close to your company’s heart. Even a simple, holiday-themed “thank you for being a client” email message keeps your brand top of mind.

Be creative on social media. Use a “love” theme for the day’s social media posts. One social media campaign we love for the Valentine’s holiday is Generosity Day. Encourage your audience to random share acts of generosity with other people. Showcase your company taking part, whether it’s buying donuts for the startup next door or randomly selecting a client for a special promotion. Tag clients and promote their services without expecting anything back. Another thought? Create a special hashtag that reflects your company brand and the holiday. European airline Ryanair launched a competition using the Twitter hashtag #loveryanair. Their audience was encouraged to post pictures with their loved ones for a chance to win tickets to a dream destination.

Starbucks started early experimenting with the augmented reality trend back in 2012. They released a mobile Valentine's campaign where customers snapped a photo of their special holiday coffee cup. When users sent the image to a contact, heart shaped petals would fly across the user's screen. The effective idea required people to purchase the product, download Starbucks’ mobile app, and then interact with the brand. How could the real estate industry use an augmented or virtual reality campaign to promote their products or services? Maybe a hotel could do a 360-tour of their most romantic suite. A short-term rental space company could demonstrate how a particular room transforms into the perfect place for a romantic proposal.

How will you use Valentine’s Day to put a special spin on your content marketing this holiday? Share the love and tag The News Funnel in your campaigns!

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