Don’t Fake Clicks, Make Clicks (to Your Blog!) by Sarah Malcolm


Recent social media scandals are leading the public to question the validity of the content they’re seeing on social media. This is good. We should always ask questions. That’s how we keep journalists accountable, find the real truths, and make informed judgments. This questioning applies to the businesses we work with, too.

Here’s a funny story. Recently a client opted to go with another writing agency. This agency flat-out asked how many clicks the client wanted. And guess what? Poof! The blog magically received those clicks without promotion on social media or through an email newsletter.

How do you promise web traffic?

There are content marketing firms claiming their firms are so good they can deliver a set number of visitors for a flat rate or per click basis. It may sound legit, but they’re acting as a click farm. These impressions are coming from bots or software that artificially inflate the visitor count. Of course, these companies would never admit to dealing fake traffic.

Hint: You can see clues to fake traffic sources by looking at your analytics. High bounce rates, low visitor time-on-page, and strange source names are indications fake traffic is inflating your metrics.

Are you really putting all this effort and expense into crafting quality blogs for fake impressions? Of course not! You want real breathing, eating, sleeping human beings reading your content.

Four ways to drive real traffic to your blog

  1. Write quality content your audience wants to read. Get inspired by the daily conversations you have with customers. What are their pain points? What knowledge do they need to make informed decisions? More ideas come from keyword research, following industry trends, and talking with professional colleagues. The quality comes from reading other content from primary sources. Be the expert in your niche and write about it.

  2. Promote to your audience using all the tools in your kit. Share this high-quality content using whatever methods you can. If all you have is Facebook and LinkedIn, post the new content on those social networks. Use an email blast? Add a call-to-action! Link your blog to other related blogs on your site.

  3. Pay for real promotions. If you want the traffic and views from social outlets or search engines, don’t waste your marketing cents on a click farm. Pay to boost or promote your best performing original content to real people using the platform’s sophisticated targeting tools.

  4. Capture more leads using subscribers. Grow your audience base by requesting visitors subscribe to something like a weekly blog subscription, or request contact info when downloading that white paper. Social media outlets offer lead generation optimization options primed to capture user information. Send your blogs to real people with a legitimate interest in your brand.

Once again, the argument comes down to quality versus quantity. Sure, you can get those 10,000 views a month you desire, but that number means nothing if the blog isn’t being read. And if it’s not read, it’s wasting Internet space and not working for your brand. It’s okay to ask for help writing blogs, but when it comes to gaining views, ask the right questions of your content marketing firm.

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