Does Email Marketing Still Matter?

A decade after some experts predicted the death of email, some continue to say email marketing is bust. Market leaders see evidence that opposite is true: email marketing is alive and thriving. As of 2013, nearly 91% of users checked email every day and there were 3.6 billion email accounts. Talk about audience potential! A real estate content marketing strategy must include an email along with social media and blogging. An effective email marketing program is a critical piece of the content marketing pie because:

Photo Credit:  Yoel Ben-Avraham

Photo Credit: Yoel Ben-Avraham

1) Emails Can Be Targeted

Targeted email campaigns deliver more return on investment than generic social media posts. Paired with a powerful CRM solution, contact databases can be segmented by numerous demographics: location, income stream, interests, their stage in the buyer’s journey, et al. Sending the right email at the right time to the right person helps nurture leads into customers.

2) Emails Can Be Personalized

Today’s content marketing platforms allow detailed personalization. Send hundreds of emails at once from a human email address each specifically tailored to individuals down to their name and company. “Dear Charles, I hear ABC Solutions is looking for a new location in Downtown” is more effective can “Here’s our latest listings!”

3) Emails Reach More People

An email database should consist of potential prospects and leads. The list of people are individuals that have in some way already engaged with your business, whether subscribing to a blog or a verified customer. Compare that to Facebook where posts could be reaching anyone. An email marketing message is five times more likely to be opened and viewed than a Facebook post. Click-through rates are higher, too, averaging in the 3% range compared to Twitter’s 0.5% typical rate.

4) Emails Reach Mobile Customers

Over half of smartphone owners open their emails from their phones. Email is a great way to reach customers on their mobile devices. It’s free to the customer, allows for more content than a text or some social media platforms, and is easily adapted to mobile formats. Improving mobile optimization is a marketing trend set to continue through 2017.

Email marketing is healthy and thriving. For companies concerned with a strong ROI, targeted campaigns should be a component of a brand’s content marketing strategy. Today’s tech and automation tools make personalization and contact database segmentation easier than ever for boosting email marketing success.

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