Does Effective Branding Make You More Productive?



By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

Pretty much everything in business is driven around saving time or saving money. Branding is no different. Some people prefer to skip over branding to start marketing, believing the branding process wastes time. While there are no specific case studies or statistics, I would like to make the case that branding actually saves you time. A branding strategy drives you to approach tasks with focus and deliberation. This focused effort reduces wasted time, because with a branding plan you’ll:

#1. Clarify your brand messaging

The right message prevents your company from wasting time on details and messages that don't matter. Anyone can craft a hundred compelling business stories or create dozens of adjectives to describe our businesses. But sharing two dozen values becomes overwhelming. Cutting to the core of brand values and beliefs keep the messaging focused and emphasizes your uniqueness.

#2. Stay in touch with customers

Good branding focuses on the target customer. When you are always aware of their needs, you address their problems quickly. The messaging stays agile and easy to refine, so you demonstrate how your company services their problems. Keeping tuned into your customers also leads to opportunities to innovate more services. That’s how businesses stay ahead of the competition.

#3. Attract the right clientele

A clear branding message with an emphasis on customer needs ensures you don't waste time or money marketing to the wrong people. Get a better return on your marketing budget and meet consumer expectations.

#4. Hire the right people

A clear brand message gets people excited about your mission and your work. With a clear message and well-defined values, your company will find new hires that are good matches for the company culture. As anyone in business for a while knows, turnover is expensive. Keeping the right people passionate about what you're doing boosts the good work your brand does and saves the hassle of hiring someone else.

Taken together, these practices make your business more productive. Branding is a crucial part of business development. Don’t overlook it in favor of immediately launching a marketing program. You’ll end up wasting time by rebranding and relaunching marketing campaigns.


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