Do You Recognize my Brand Authority?



By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

What do you need to be a leading authority in your field? A post-doctorate and massive student loan debt? Ten years of proven revenue? Not necessarily. When it comes to branding, “brand authority” boils down to trust and reputation. Content marketing through social media, blogging, and other tools are essential to building this trust, reputation, and your market authority.

Building Trust

Trust means your target audience believes you are the best in the business. People trust your word in two ways: 1) the content you deliver is of quality, and, 2) through social proof.

Let’s begin with measuring content quality. The first benchmark asks, “Does your content help others?” You create content that helps the target audience with FAQ pages, how-to videos, white papers, and informative blogs. Social media curated content addresses audience needs. The second measure asks, “Is your information valid?” The best content is backed by data. Your published blogs and ebooks will refer to and link to studies and research. You may even publish your own market research. (Note: this helps build authority, too!) Social media posts include infographics and links to valid, researched information.

Social proof is what others say about your brand. The reviews left on social media platforms count. So do owned testimonials. Video testimonials are powerful forms of social proof. Comments mentioning or tagging your brand are equally strong evidence that others trust your brand.

Building a Reputation

Reputation will be enhanced by social proof. Comments and tags help monitor your reputation. Be responsive to social media. At first, you’ll need to give a little to get a little. Find influencers and start making comments on their social posts. Join webchats and industry calls. Be present in the industry.

All the content you publish, including curated, plays a role in your reputation. If you want to be the go-to source on secure, smart building systems, you’ll need to publish social media content and blogs on cybersecurity and smart building systems. Important! You must constantly feed the social machine. Don’t publish a white paper every three months and ignore your blog. You must be an active member of your CRE community.

Building Authority

Authority means you have the knowledge, skills, and service exceeding others in your industry submarket. The content you generate backs your knowledge base. Blogs are an excellent way to build brand authority. Writing a guest blog on another influencer’s website bolsters market authority. Ebooks and whitepapers are further proof of knowledge. And, as mentioned above, if your team conducts its own research into a topic, that’s extra validation of authority in your field.

Continue building brand authority through webinars, speaking at industry conferences and panels, and authoring materials for leading industry publications.

How to Know You Have Brand Authority

Signs your brand is the authority in the field begin when people are referred your business. Socially, followers start sharing your content and leaving reviews. You will see a steady uptick in the number of quality followers engaging with your brand. The leadership team will start receiving more requests for guest blogs, speaking gigs, and other appearances.

Building brand authority isn’t a one-and-done process. Once it’s been established, you must continue monitoring your reputation and maintaining follower trust. Having an experienced social media and writing team can help you create a constant stream of relevant posts to stay active in the CRE field.


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