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Did you know that a third of online activity is now spent watching videos? Judging by all the cat videos stuck in your inbox right now, maybe it’s not that surprising.

But are you using it in your own commercial real estate company’s marketing strategy? If not, you could be missing out on some serious traffic from potential clients.

Not having a video strategy in 2018 is like not having a digital strategy 10 years ago.

It may seem easy to dismiss the idea of implementing a video strategy for your business and chalk up the popularity of video to a fad or diminishing trend; however, it doesn’t look like video is going anywhere any time soon. According to Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, the platform will likely be mostly video five years from now.

So where will that leave your commercial real estate company’s marketing? While the majority of your competitors win business based on their comprehensive video strategy, you may be left behind wondering why your marketing efforts aren’t resulting in growth for your business.

Regardless of how great the other elements of your digital strategy are, video will increasingly need to be part of that plan. As long as you fight this fast-growing trend, you’ll be slightly behind your competition in the commercial real estate space.

Video doesn’t mean a huge time or monetary investment.

One of the main reasons CRE professionals might shy away from implementing a video strategy in their own marketing efforts is the perceived time and money investment involved in this new endeavor. But what you may not know is that the concept of video going mainstream also means that it’s acceptable in so many different forms.

Your video strategy could be you, or one of the funny employees in your office, and a smartphone. A Facebook live video or a few Insta-stories work as a client-converting strategy for many businesses. A marketing video no longer means a professional camera crew and hours of editing. Your next marketing video could be filmed and posted during the time it takes you to walk from your desk to the break room for another cup of coffee.

It’s about building your brand identity.

If a flawlessly filmed video advertising the services of your CRE firm is what you’re thinking of when a video strategy comes to mind, you’re not quite on the right track. Today’s marketing videos most likely wouldn’t even be considered a marketing tool.

Video simply gives potential clients insight into your company and brand. A great video showcases your strengths, the personality of your company and brand, and the value you bring to your clients. Let one of your charismatic agents film a live testimonial with their latest client that doesn’t have enough good things to say about working with your company. Record a quick clip before the holidays asking agents in your office what their favorite all-time gifts were, and post it to your social media. It’s not about selling your services, it’s about showcasing your personality and uniqueness to build an emotional connection with your audience.

So, pull out that smart phone and check your teeth for leftovers from lunch, because it’s time to record a video. Remember, just like you aren’t perfect as a company your videos don’t have to be either. It’s about building a connection with your audience and proving that you’re all just imperfect humans trying to improve each other’s businesses!

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