Do You Need a Content Strategy?


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When it comes to your marketing content it’s easy to fly by the seat of your pants as a busy commercial real estate professional. A lot of businesses don’t even sit down and plan what type of content they intend to share and how it ties into their overall marketing strategy. But is that a mistake?

Building a comprehensive content strategy with a clear vision for your audience and intentions is important to drive real results for your business. Sure, it takes a little extra time but the payoff in the form of new business opportunities for your CRE firm will make it more than worth it.

Define your audience and goals

The first big step in developing your content strategy is to determine exactly what you’d like to get out of your marketing efforts and who you would like to reach. Who is your ideal client? If you could pick exactly the type of client that would call you up right now to work with you, what would that client’s needs look like?

Audit your current content

If you’ve been in business for some time it’s likely you’re already developing valuable content – even if it’s not in an organized or strategic way. Take a look at your current content. Does your target audience resonate with it? Are they engaging with your posts and pieces? Have they asked for different types of content through their questions and inquiries on social media?

Really evaluate what you’ve been doing with your current content and how you can step up your game. Make sure you’re listening to what your clients really want and need from you, as well as the commercial real estate community as a whole.

Determine the types of content you want to create

It’s not just about the topics for the content you will create, but how you will deliver that content? How does your target audience typically consume information? Are these busy professionals who want little tidbits through social media? Perhaps they are traditionalists who want informative articles backed by reputable research. Maybe they are hip millennials who would rather consume information through video and podcasts.

Brainstorms content ideas

This is where you content savvy or marketing genius teams will come into play. Start brainstorming the type of content your audience might be interested in. Even ask them if you aren’t sure!

Think about ways you can innovate in your CRE market or identify things that people aren’t already doing. Pinpoint a problem that needs to be solved in your community and how you can make a difference by scratching that itch.

Develop your plan

Once you know what kind of content you want to share and how you’ll share it, draw up a detailed plan of how you plan to deliver it. Include the frequency in which you’ll create content and what type of topics you’ll share. Make a plan for your different delivery channels so that you’re remaining true to your strategy.

Most importantly, always be evaluating your value. Is your target audience engaged? Is your content driving business to your CRE firm? Does your community find value in what you’re offering?

When it comes to content marketing your work is never really done, so you’ll have to constantly strive towards improving yourself and the success of your CRE business.

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