Did You Write for Mobile Today?


By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

What device are you reading this blog on? Chances are, it’s your phone. A report from IBM Watson Marketing found mobile email readership usage in the real estate and construction industry was 46.6 percent mobile. Desktops accounted for only 18.1 percent of email readership. A different study found 70 percent of mobile users read their email on mobile apps. That’s not accounting for social media usage or web browsing. Conclusion: we live in a mobile-first world.

Think about how you use your mobile device. I use my phone to snap photos adorable family photos, browse the industry trends on social media, and communicate with my coworkers. I travel plenty, so I’m constantly writing and reading emails via mobile. In between places, I’m checking social media and reading interesting blogs. I’d bet how you use your phone is similar to me.

What does this mean? We, as social media professionals, need to think about mobile devices as we compose our posts, tweets, and blogs. Mobile content must:

#1. Use short, chunky text

People are either using mobile for distraction or to grab short snippets of information. Let’s make it easy for our readers to find what they want. Chunky text helps to skim and to search details. It’s even more helpful when the copy is paired with larger headers or lists. Remember, screen sizes vary. Short text blocks are friendlier to format regardless of screen size.

#2. Stick to the goal

I find this is so important in social posts. Why are you writing this text? Brand awareness? Convert a customer? Promote a new service? A goal prevents rambling and keeps text concise.

#3. Wow! What a headline!

Remember, people are quickly scrolling through their apps and news feed. Get attention with a catchy title. This is so crucial for your blogs, where the title really sells the content and gains the clickthrough.

#4. Make it easy to share on social

Social media is about chunks of information. Make your information shareable. Find special snippets of information and encourage the reader to share with “Click to Tweet” or other social sharing buttons. Some website builders have social share buttons that scroll the screen with the reader.

#5. Use the pyramid format

Shape your text like a triangle? No. It’s a journalism technique. Present the most vital information first. Don’t make your reader hunt: that’s how you get a high bounce rate. And please, stop with the “next page” format. Put all the details on one, full page.

#6. Choose your layout wisely

A slow load time is a guarantee goodbye. One study found a web page with a three-second load time has a 17 percent bounce rate. Seven seconds and it’s 32 percent, or one-third of the visitors. Keep load times in mind when adding photos or videos to your page.

Worldwide, mobile devices account for almost half of all web page views. 3.7 billion unique people had a mobile device as of January 2018. As social media and blogging professionals, we must keep mobile in mind when creating our quality content.

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