Declutter Your Brand – How to Refine Your Message and Start the New Year Off Right


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If you’re paying attention to everything hot and trendy in 2018, you may have heard of the concept of minimalism, or the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Maybe it’s even on your “must read” list for 2018?

Either way, homeowners are cleaning out their closets and storage spaces, collecting those unwanted or unused items and shipping them off to charities to clear their minds and their space in the New Year. But what about the brand of your CRE company? Does it need a little refresh or decluttering? Has it become too noisy or unorganized in the sea of competing brands?

Here’s how you can simplify and refine your brand and message to create a more cohesive and attractive brand for your clients and prospects.

#1. Evaluate all the elements of your brand.

It’s probable that much like your closet, your brand has some logos or taglines laying around that you haven’t used since you wore that wool sweater shoved in the top of your closet.

It’s important to pull together every version of your logo, every company graphic, and any tagline or slogan you’ve used to represent your brand that may still be floating around in cyberspace. Refine your brand and select only a few elements that will be consistent across everything your CRE business releases to the public. Not only will your brand become more recognizable, there will be less confusion about your image to the public.

#2. Decide on your brand personality and make sure your message communicates that.

Does your CRE company work with more professional businesses like law firms and medical offices and you want to communicate that you are poised and knowledgeable? Or, do you work with fun retail companies and you’d rather position your CRE firm as laid back trend-setters? Just like your wardrobe often defines your personality, get rid of those pieces that don’t scream “you”!

Make sure your tone on social, the images you use in your marketing materials, and the layout of your website all represent your brand personality. By offering your audience a single voice and message, they won’t be confused by your identity and they’ll be quicker to work with someone they can resonate with.

#3. Don’t be afraid to say “no.”

It’s likely your marketing team will consistently come up with new ideas, campaigns or slogans to capture every type of client or audience. But as soon as you start trying to attract everyone, you’ll attract no one.

Staying true to your mission and your brand will require saying “no” to a few projects and partnerships. Thinking of doing some charitable giving? Don’t partner with an organization that doesn’t hold the same values you do as a brand. Working on a new campaign? Don’t sacrifice your quirkiness to do something more serious when people have come to expect the unexpected from you. It will feel forced and artificial.

The New Year is all about reinvention, but for your brand it should be about refinement. You’ve known who you are as a company all along, now is the time to let your true identity shine through!

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