Create the Ultimate Customer Experience With Content Marketing

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Disney World visits are a right of passage for young families. For some people, the year is not complete without a visit to a Disney theme park. What draws grown adults and families back to these theme parks year after year? The customer experience. Disney has customer service down to a finely-tuned science. While no one expects content marketing to build theme parks, we can learn from other brands that have inspired fierce loyalty. Research is showing customers expect personalized experiences, and content marketing is the key. Build an exceptional customer experience from start to finish across every channel to keep clients returning.

1. Personify your brand

Start with three words that describe your brand. How can content marketing reflect those descriptors? For example, if your company mission is to offer beautiful co-working spaces, what content marketing actions translate “beauty?” Perhaps using a Pinterest-style website with high-quality photography of the spaces. Share images via an Instagram account, and make sure the blog emphasizes photography. If you are a lending marketplace with a brand descriptor of “leadership,” look to offer insightful white papers for subscriber download. Consider offering a selection of member-only content with helpful advice on real estate investing. Offer learning opportunities through free webinars. Match your content marketing output to who you are and the channels that support your efforts the best.

2. Easy navigation

In web design, there's an unspoken rule that a website visitor should be able to access what they need within three clicks. A user-friendly website interface is essential to a positive customer experience. Pay special attention to your navigation menu and making sure your website is mobile-friendly. A slow-loading website that is difficult to use on mobile deters users from visiting ever again.

3. Keep them engaged

Great! The prospect became a bona fide customer. Now what? Apply content marketing to keep them engaged with your brand. Start with special automated targeted marketing emails. The first one should thank the new client for becoming a customer. Consider a spaced-out series of follow-up emails with tips and tricks to using your product and services. After several weeks, send an email asking for feedback. Brainstorm additional content that will keep them interested in the brand.

4. Be active socially

Use every tool at your disposal to find new ways to keep the audience interested in the brand. Content marketing spans social media, website, email, videos, and anything else that reaches consumers virtually. What can you do? Turn to social media platforms to post survey questions. Start conversations with others on social networks. Create a special campaign hashtag and encourage followers to use it. Find ways to get customers involved in content marketing with contests and surveys. Participate in community events, both virtual and in the real world. Keep listening to what customers say to about your brand and respond to both positive and negative reviewers.