Cracking Social Media, Part 4: A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Growing Social Influence

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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This blog is part of series designed to help real estate agents and brokers get started using social media on the right foot. Research your platforms, plan for content, and manage the social media workflow first.

Sometimes content marketing newbies forget about the “social” aspect of “social media.” We become absorbed with the content generation process, creating infographics, writing blogs, recording videos, and sourcing content from our RSS feeds. Having a social media calendar and content schedule are all excellent, but real estate professionals must factor time to actually be social. Remember social media started as a way for people to interact. When real estate agents and brokers return to those roots, they find success.

Plan for social media engagement

Every social media strategy needs a section about how the brand will interact with other people. Resharing or retweeting does not count as an interaction. Depending on the networks you prioritize, real estate agents and brokers can use different strategies to become an active member of the social media community. Engage on social media by:

  • Using your social media network to ask clients a question
  • Tagging people in a social media post
  • Thanking a particular person for sharing an interesting piece of content
  • Joining a social real estate group and participating in the conversation
  • Responding to questions asked by others
  • Leaving comments on others posts
  • Joining a live chat, video, or seminar
  • Letting people know where you will be and encouraging them to meet you offline

Engaging with industry influencers

Building a relationship with an industry influencer boosts your content and brand reach. Influencers are people with an engaged social media following. When they reference you or your content, a wider audience is exposed to your existence. Receiving an influencer’s endorsement can boost brand awareness and attract new customers.

First you need to identify the influencers and if they are active on the platforms you have chosen. Start by following them. Don't expect the influencer to share your content or endorse you immediately. Just as real estate agents nurture relationships with clients and colleagues, brands need to develop a relationship over the social networks. Start by sharing their content or occasionally leaving comments. The Content Funnel provides planning and guidance on how real estate professionals can build a relationship with an industry influencer and improve your social media marketing strategy. Given time, the goal is to position your social media presence as a real estate influencer.

That's social media in a nutshell. As you begin implementing a social media strategy, remember to invest in the long-term. Quality and consistency drive social media success. Avoid focusing on the number of people inside your circles. The social media follows real estate agents and brokers want are the consumers that actually engage with the brand. These followers provide the feedback that elevates your business. For more help, turn at any time to the social media experts at The Content Funnel.

The News Funnel using social media to promote an offline marketing event.

The News Funnel tagged industry leaders in a Twitter post with an eye-catching GIF.