Cracking Social Media, Part 3: A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Managing the Workflow

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Your social media foundations are laid and the frame is rising. The primary social platforms, information relevant to your audience, and the content formats are established. Now it’s time to install the utilities. Becoming a social media marketing leader requires the same amount of diligence that agents and brokers invest into their business. Social accounts wither away when the workflow overwhelms the team or individuals. Hopefully, the selected social networks and content type chosen fits naturally with your real estate marketing style. Even with the best networks identified and an excited team ready to jump onboard, everyone benefits from planning how your real estate brokerage will handle the social strategy.

Dedicate time to content generation

Creating original content and curating others’ quality content requires our most precious asset: time. Planning to blog original content? Have a content calendar, schedule writing time, and stick to the deadlines. Creating pre-recorded videos? Incorporate time for filming and editing. The same with podcasts: block chunks to plan the material and record. All content requires time to generate. Make sure your expectations are realistic. If you're planning an hour-long podcast every single week, can your current schedule handle the time required?

For content curation, dedicate time to scanning news feeds and reading articles from industry leaders. As a best practice, real estate professionals should be reading industry-leading content anyway, but if not, begin now. Many professionals use RSS feeds, like the News Funnel, that auto-curate content based on programmed settings. Some feed readers generate daily e-newsletters with curated top content. Scan the email in the mornings over coffee and read the articles that interest you.

Create a social strategy

Set yourself up for success with a concrete social marketing strategy. Set goals for your social media marketing. What would you like to accomplish in the first three months, the first six months, the first year? What strategies will help your agency reach those goals? Will the brokerage post on LinkedIn once a week? Will you engage with two real estate agent influencers on Twitter a week? Will you join a Twitter chats or a Facebook group? Clearly define the social actions and, if you’re a real estate team or brokerage, who will be responsible for each tactic. Be careful about how you measure your success. Often new social media marketers fall into the “quantity of followers” trap. In the real estate world, we know the value of referrals in generating business. One person raving about your services to three new potential clients is worth more than twenty silent contacts. Quality trumps quantity, always.

Document your social strategy to stay accountable. Schedule time to revisit at set intervals, conduct a social media audit, and make adjustments as necessary.

Follow a Content Calendar

Create a content calendar to coincide with your social media strategy. This customizable document tracks what content is posted, and the frequency. Calendars help busy real estate agents and brokerages plan content weeks in advance. We have some great tips on using effective editorial calendars. Another option is to use a content scheduler, a service that syncs with several different social media networks to push content from one location. Some content schedulers help with the content curation process but beware the “set-it-and-forget-it” trap. Real agents might fall into pushing content blindly and never engage with the audience. Automated content schedulers need human oversight and social content shares should include individual commentary to prove a real human being runs the account.

A content calendar is a must-have for managing social media workflow, but that calendar depends upon a solid social media strategy. See how The Content Funnel team helps real estate agents and brokers get started or refine their current social media strategies and content.  

Every real estate agent and brokerage approaches social media strategies and calendars differently, as they should! No two companies use the same social networks, share the same branding, or publish content with the same voice. Customize your social media workflow in a way that makes sense for you and your team. Start setting up your calendars and prepare to get social.