#ContentMarketing Spotlight: SIOR Pulse

The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) is comprised of over 3,000 members in 630 cities across the globe. For 75 years, the organization has certified the most knowledgeable and successful CRE specialists. Earning an SIOR designation recognizes a professional’s commitment to outstanding service, continuing education, and CRE leadership.  Participants continue their professional growth through the organization’s educational and networking opportunities provided at the local, national, and global levels.

Content Strategy

SIOR Pulse publishes relevant industry content for its members. Blog readers appreciate the weekly updates on industrial news, office trends, and SIOR professional news. Content is sourced by SIOR and from its member network and supported with links to data from recognizable sources like Bloomberg and REIT. Content is shared on SIOR’s numerous social networks and RSS feed. The SIOR Pulse blog supports SIOR Report, the group’s quarterly magazine, but differs in publishing content on a more frequent schedule.

Why Content Strategy Works

As a professional organization at the service of its members, SIOR Pulse provides publication opportunities through their blog. Members are recognized leaders in the industry. Sourcing content from these thought leaders adds to SIOR Pulse’s value by providing content professionals want to read. Visitors can read SIOR Vice President Robert G. Thornburgh’s “How SIOR is Leading the CRE Industry” or member Jim E. Klein’s post “What Exactly is Space Sharing?” Contributors build further authority in their field as a published author. SIOR Pulse encourages contributed articles with the prominent placement of the call-to-action’s position at the top of the sidebar.

SIOR Pulse topics reflect the needs of its commercial real estate audience. Pulse covers the issues SIOR members care about, like “The Rebirth of Industrial Sites” and “This is Why Demand in CRE is Back.” Categories listed in the sidebar narrow the available content into more targeted niches inside the industrial and office CRE industry, such as future trends, technology and innovation, and business best practices.

Social sharing is easy. On the home page and article page, the “Share This” option is available under every post. Readers can connect with SIOR by selecting their preferred social network from the options in the sidebar.

Connect with SIOR

Keeping informed of the latest SIOR Pulse updates is a breeze. The organization releases its content where its audience prefers. Subscribe to the group’s RSS feed. Regular updates on Twitter source industry news from across the globe. Join the 5,000-plus followers on Facebook. Members can subscribe to the SIOR Global LinkedIn group. SIOR is on Pinterest and YouTube.


SIOR Pulse Blog provides timely information on the industrial and office real estate industry.

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