Content Marketing Spotlight: Zillow Porchlight

Zillow is an online comprehensive real estate marketplace of properties for sale or rent. In addition to its searchable database, Zillow conducts market research, provides home value estimates, and operates over two dozen mobile real applications. To better serve the entire residential real estate cycle, Zillow publishes content on Zillow Porchlight, a blog covering market trends, real estate advice, and more.

Zillow Porchlight Content Strategy

Zillow Porchlight launched in 2015 with the goal to help readers make better decisions about their homes. The blog aims to address all residential concerns whether renting or owning, renovating a farmhouse or a loft, buying a mega mansions or deciding to purchase a tiny home. Engaging content is at the forefront with a combination of articles, galleries, videos, and increasing interactive experiences. The vast number of content contributors assures new insights are provided every day.

The content is broken into several categories that match Zillow's offerings. Readers can scan unique homes sourced from Zillow's expansive housing database, receive tips and advice on everything from renovations to the home-buying process, get a sneak peek into celebrity real estate, read advice on home improvement, or gain first person insights from leaders in the residential real estate market. All content supports Zillow's mission to help people find their next home.

Why Their Strategy Works

Zillow services numerous buyer personas. The product draws real estate investors, first-time homebuyers, baby boomers looking to downsize, and more. The content categories are designed to attract this variety of potential customers. Porchlight’s significant content archive bolsters the chances of delivering appealing to someone at any stage of the home ownership lifecycle.

Porchlight positions itself as a top publisher of real estate content by sourcing material from a wide net of contributors. Readers see names they know like Christina El Moussa from HGTV’s Flip or Flop TV show, along with established authorities of real estate professionals and staff writers. Multiple contributors with diverse background experience increase the chances of social sharing and keeps the frequency of content high.

Social engagement is high on Zillow Porchlight’s and they accomplish this starting with offering more than text blogs. Visitors scroll photo galleries of unique homes and watch do-it-yourself project videos. One of the most shared stories in December 2016 was a checklist of who needs to be notified when moving.

The content catches attention from topic to title. Posts are often evergreen. This means it can be shared and republished over and over again, like the article “Repotting Plants: Give Them a New Home Sweet Home.” At the same time, Porchlight publishes trending stories that catch readers’ interest like “It’s ‘Greenery’ for 2017! How Pantone Picks the Color of the Year.’

Zillow Porchlight makes sharing easy. Readers have six social networks to pin, tweet, and share exciting content. Social sharing buttons appear at the top of every post and readers leave comments on the bottom. The home page and every blog list the most recent and the most shared stories on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Connect with Zillow Porchlight

Subscribing to the latest updates from Zillow Porchlight is easy. Sign up at the bottom of the landing page or any blog. Find Porchlight’s content on Zillow’s social media platforms. The Twitter page tends to publish advice for buyers and sellers. Find more engaging videos about properties and trending topics on Facebook. Shared content on Google Plus is a little more diverse with reader polls, property listings, and real estate tips. Discover unique photos on Instagram, linked back to the Porchlight content. Zillow’s Pinterest account has over 68,000 followers and counting.


This timely trending post from Zillow has over a thousand likes and 500 shares.

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