Content Marketing Spotlight: theBrokerList


theBrokerList is an example of a commercial real estate community excelling at content marketing. The free online community helps CRE professionals locate brokers, services, and vendors. Top companies execute deals found on theBrokerList. Through the website, users search brokers, create lists, advertise on the marketplace, and post haves and wants.

theBrokerList Content Strategy

theBrokerList advises companies to deeply consider matching what products or services they offer and where their target audience visits with various the social platforms today. It is not always necessary to have an account on every single social platform or with every network, but if you are in commercial real estate, theBrokerList has become the de facto niche platform that combines no nonsense CRE business needs with today’s social media tools. theBrokerList does maintain an extensive list of social accounts, and when appropriate, adapts to new social platforms to help its membership with their outreach. However:

  • As a platform designed to help its users reach the widest audience possible, this allows them to publish content where individuals visit.

  • theBrokerList also focuses their content curation efforts on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and their Blog. Their Pinterest account is also worth noting.

  • TheBrokerList encourages their members to contribute to their award-winning blog. All topics are welcome, as long as the content is geared toward helping commercial brokers.

    theBrokerList’s content strategy emphasizes using social platforms as a service to assist the CRE community.

Why theBrokerList Strategy Works

theBrokerList is a tool to unite CRE professionals. One feature of their website is a listing of “haves” and “wants.” theBrokerList takes a simple classified service to the next level by leveraging social networking. With a CraigsList type timeline view, users submit posts that get nudged via theBrokerList’s social media to push the members “have” or “want” message or if a CRE brokerage adds a new team member.

This ability to help users reach a wider audience via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others is an invaluable marketing tool for the customers theBrokerList serves. Each published post helps build the Broker List’s online community because it encourages “likes” and “shares” from the requesting user, leading to an ever-growing professional audience.

Having such a wide net of social platforms can be time consuming to manage effectively. When it comes to curating content, making company announcements, and sharing blog posts, theBrokerList matches the platform to their mission. They are a service used by industry professionals to share trade information. On platforms such as  such as Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter, users will find theBrokerList publishes specifically chosen content from industry influencers like Allen Buchanan, known for his YouTube videos, Burt Polson known for his take on Napa Valley real estate and Lynn Drake, the midwest’s leading tenant representation broker for her weekly dose of practical insight and best practices. Special offers from members like QuantumListing, and legal insight from longtime theBrokerList member, Kymn Harp, theBrokerList’s latest blogs all being amassed via the various member’s RSS feeds, which provides an incredible engine and melting pot of commercial real estate content, as well as guest contributions.

Pinterest is a growing platform with evergreen potential. Over time pins continue drawing audiences to a website. Using Pinterest effectively for the commercial real estate industry challenges creative content marketers. What theBrokerList has done with Pinterest is noteworthy. Their account exemplifies how Pinterest can work: 51 boards and thousands of pins all themed around commercial real estate.  With each pin, theBrokerList members are all given even more SEO opportunities as the links will feed back to those member’s pages as well.

theBrokerList is known for its dynamic blog. The platform relies on the diverse expertise of CRE professionals for its content. Contributors are industry leaders ranging from brokers to members of CRE tech firms like RealNex, Hightower, The Massimo Group, and RealMassive. “We put great value in our blog contributors,” says Linda Day Harrison, founder of theBrokerList. “These contributions serve to promote both the blogger, to promote theBrokerList and to help our entire community.” Again, theBrokerList uses social to serve its community. Users can submit original “guest” posts for publication consideration. Established community contributors can syndicate or republish their existing blogs from their home website using an RSS url. The audience exposure is excellent for the individual’s brand, but most importantly, this strategy helps boost a member’s search engine ranking and drive traffic to the member website.

Although Facebook is not the most popular of all of the tools theBrokerList employs, their team does not miss a beat when it comes to thanking people who “Like” or Follow or acknowledge any of the social media praises shown to them. If you “Like” theBrokerList you not only get “Liked” back, but theBrokerList social media crew insures you get a special gift of a Tweet linking the over 17,000 Twitter followers back to YOUR Facebook page. Now that is social media love!

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