Content Marketing Spotlight: SquareFoot Blog

What's a SquareFoot? Besides 12 by 12 inches of floor space, SquareFoot is a revolutionary experience in finding the right office space. The marketplace helps tenants find the perfect location based on their priorities and manage the process completely online.  SquareFoot partners businesses with a broker that focuses exclusively on their needs and not commissions. SquareFoot attributes its success to reducing the stress behind the commercial office space hunt and providing excellent customer service.

SquareFoot Content Strategy

On first glance, the SquareFoot blog is reminiscent of Pinterest. Each published article has a striking image, title, and teaser text that fades away by the bottom of the outlined container box. It's an attractive, eye-catching layout.

The content supports the company’s services. All blogs correlate to office trends. For example, there's the post, “How do people actually find office space for rent?” and  “Wondering how big your next office space should be? Use our new space calculator to find out.” The majority of the posts are easily recycled for continuous content distribution and search engine optimization. SquareFoot’s blog does pull trends, such as discussing Amazon’s experimental reduced work week program and other recent surveys.

At the top of each individual post are social sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Social sharing buttons appear again in the footer of the website. Readers sign up for email alerts at the bottom of the blog.

Why their strategy works

The contemporary and modern design feels young and vibrant, just like today's more flexible work spaces. This visually reflects the SquareFoot brand. Containing content within outlined squares mirrors the SquareFoot logo.

The blog is mobile-friendly and the container box format easily adjusts to screen size. That's important in a world where more entrepreneurs read content on mobile devices.

Sticking with content focused on office space trends drives search engine results placement and attracts the ideal customer: entrepreneurs seeking an easy way to find office space. The content solves reader problems, such as the blog promotion SquareFoot’s new office space calculator and understanding the different building classifications. Content includes helpful urban neighborhood overviews like a guide to fitness in Manhattan that target SquareFoot’s existing searchable markets. Other content appeals to a wider audience, such as a blog on investing in a team’s holistic health.

Connect with SquareFoot

To read the SquareFoot blog, visit here. Connect with the SquareFoot on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.