Content Marketing Spotlight: REthink CRE

REthink CRE is changing the workflow for the modern commercial brokerage. Powered by Salesforce, a leader in customer relationship management (CRM), REthink’s business management software helps CRE professionals accomplish work from anywhere on any device. CRE professionals access from one platform an easily searchable contact database, manage prospects, track deal pipelines management and run insightful reporting and analytics. REthink offers customized solutions for commercial and residential real estate professionals and is a top CRM provider.

REthink CRE Content Strategy

REthink CRE’s content strategy starts with a blog that incorporates industry best practices, perspectives, and company updates. Company leaders and the REthink marketing team contribute the content. Readers appreciate thought leadership pieces like, “The Role of Tech and Culture in Recruiting Top Brokers,” and tips such as, “Three Ways Small Brokerages can Compete with the Heavyweights.” Viewers continue interacting with the blog by reading suggested recent posts or navigating based on recent comments.

REthink CRE deploys other content marketing strategies. For instance, they partnered with CRE leaders RealMassive, CRE // Tech, and Bucky Beeman to present a webinar on leveraging technology. The REthink YouTube channel hosts video demos. Social accounts pose questions to followers and promote off network events.

Why REthink’s Strategy Works

An effective CRM system deals with sales pipelines, prospecting, client management, and contact databases. This gives REthink CRE a wealth of relevant content appealing to commercial real estate brokers and agents. Readers expect a new insightful article from REthink published on Tuesdays covering anything CRE related from self-driving cars to ways a CRM saves brokerages money.

By offering more than just blogs and partnering with industry leaders, REthink CRE reaches new potential clients and builds brand awareness. Webinars and podcasts appeal to busy real estate professionals because of their educational value. Complimenting online marketing efforts with offline events, such as their partnership happy hour at South by Southwest with Real Massive, fosters audience engagement with the brand.

Managing a social network requires more than pushing blog content or curating related articles. Engagement increases success. On its Twitter network @REthinkCRM, the company thanks others for featuring its content, poses questions to their followers, and comments on the content created by industry leaders. The company nurtures professional relationships, which is a large reason why their content marketing program works.


Besides running an informative blog, REthink CRE is active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Their YouTube account features REcast video episodes.


REThink CRE promotes its original content on its social networks. It also curates content from industry leaders.


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