Content Marketing Spotlight: RealMassive Blog

RealMassive promotes free and open sharing of data to help commercial real estate professionals market smarter and more efficiently. Their product provides access to accurate listing data updated in real-time with automated tools. RealMassive’s marketing platform leverages performance data to reach new audiences. Its suite works together to save clients time and money while generating new leads.

RealMassive Content Strategy

We are huge fans of RealMassive’s marketing. They are featured on our Top 25 Examples of Real Estate Content Marketing done right and listed on The News Funnel CEO Michael Beckerman’s Top 10 CRE Tech firms for their content strategy. The star of their Content Strategy is their blog. Having just celebrated its third year, the RealMassive Blog generates regular original content by soliciting experts in the CRE industry for interviews and guest posts. In between this expert content is RealMassive’s data-driven intelligence on trends in the industry as a whole and in specific markets. Their focus on providing expert content with market insights makes its readers want to share their valuable content and return week after week for the latest information.

Why RealMassive’s Strategy Works

RealMassive’s mission is to help the commercial real estate industry market better and their blog reflects that mission. This is done with informative content that makes readers think about how they are operating in their sphere of influence.

Using industry influencers is a great tactic to expose content to a wider audience while building SEO. For their October content, RealMassive interviewed Erik Qualmann, an expert in digital marketing and Adrienne Bryant of Bryant Commercial. The blog published guest posts from Jeremy Neuer, Senior Vice President at CBRE East Brunswick and Michael Beckerman, CEO at The News Funnel. Each guest or interview has a link a link to their home website and sharing links. Guests receive the added benefit of credibility and a boost in search engine ranking. RealMassive gains a boost in market positioning and the potential audience exposure from each interviewee or guest sharing their blog feature.

In that same month readers learned about digital marketing, technology’s impact on CRE, CRE Brand Solutions, and technology in corporate real estate. That’s a lot of ground to cover in four posts and it is backed by expert voices. Readers are guaranteed to gain insight into each topic. The constant inflow of quality data and insight compels audiences to return again and again for the latest blog.

From RealMassive’s blogs, readers can see a history of their posting frequency and the types of posts. Readers can sort by categories like “market analytics” or “thought leadership” tagged into user-friendly buttons. Built into the pages are sharing call to actions from social buttons to “tweet this” snippets. The subscribe button appears on every page above the categories. Users can comment and share at the bottom of every blog.

In addition to an outstanding blog, RealMassive is active on social platforms and provides users with valuable content through ebooks.

"Our strategy is to produce engaging, informative, and sharable content in three key buckets. 1: 'Editorialized Data' leverages information from our platform to tell a story, as we did with Avison Young on Austin commutes. 2: 'Pass the Mic' is an effort to uncover expert perspectives on emerging trends, whether that is a Q&A with SVN’s Diane Danielson or a retail-themed #CREcosystem predictions whitepaper. 3: 'Educational Content' is a series covering trends, tips, and tricks aligned to the pillars of our value prop – data presence, marketing, and analytics." - Mike Westgate, VP of Marketing at RealMassive.


RealMassive interviews industry leaders, providing the guest with links to their website. This helps both groups build their credibility in CRE and improve their search engine ranking.

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RealMassive makes it easy for readers to share insights from the blog in the text.

Connect with RealMassive

Commercial real estate professionals looking for content marketing inspiration should read ReadMassive’s blog. We highly recommend visiting their Facebook feed and LinkedIn page, along with the additional social accounts accessible from the RealMassive website. RealMassive can be found on TwitterYouTube, and Google+.

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