Content Marketing Spotlight: ProspectNow

What do real estate brokers want? More listings, of course! Just like investors want more properties for their portfolios and lenders want more loans. ProspectNow helps real estate professionals find properties most likely to need their services using predictive analytics. The service is a cloud-based platform with details on ownership and contact information on over a hundred million properties. Target marketing to the right property owners and businesses for more efficient results.

ProspectNow Content Strategy

ProspectNow’s content marketing strategy starts with its weekly blog. The content matches the ProspectNow mission to provide efficient prospecting for real estate brokers, property investors, and mortgage lenders. Topics include “7 Best Practices for Long-term Client Relationship Building,” and, “ 3 Signs a Property Owner is Ready to List.” The published posts provide valuable advice to help the company’s clients be successful.

ProspectNow’s searchable blog adapts to the viewer’s screen size. Additional best practices include using bullet points and numbered lists, encouraging reader comments, and offering additional related content.

The company’s owned social platforms distribute the latest blog content. Followers will note ProspectNow regularly poses questions to their audience about issues inside the industry. Relevant articles from other sources appear on the ProspectNow news feeds.

Why ProspectNow’s Strategy Works

ProspectNow offers a distinct service for the commercial real estate industry. To drive the right consumer to their product, their content marketing strategy centers on content related to their services. Topics pivot around marketing to commercial real estate prospects. Occasionally content includes trending topics and how using technology makes commercial real estate professionals more efficient. The content is all about what advice would help their ideal customer. Writing on topics in tune with their services helps rank well in search engine placement. As a result, ProspectNow’s blog attracts consumers that could use the company's services and products.

A successful content marketing strategy includes content distribution. Twitter is a popular platform for real estate professionals. ProspectNow delivers content to its audience to maximize its effectiveness. More original and curated content appears on their Twitter feed than other owned networks. Curated content incorporates relevant articles about real estate marketing, productivity, cold calling, and prospecting, again in line with the company’s services.


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