Content Marketing Spotlight: NAI Global News Link

NAI Global News Link is one of our top examples of content marketing done right. It serves NAI Global, one of the world’s leading commercial real estate brokerage firms. Through more than 375 offices located worldwide, NAI Global Member firms help members provide global commercial real estate solutions using local market expertise. The company manages more than 380 million square feet of office space and has an expansive network 6,700 professionals.

NAI Global’s Content Strategy

NAI Global News Link is the hub for NAI Global original content, news, and blogs. The division uses a comprehensive content marketing strategy leveraging its reach by generating original content and using its member-created content for distribution worldwide. NAI Global’s content strategy focuses on positioning the organization as an active member of the CRE community through participation at leading industry events and conferences, highlighting its corporate culture, and showcasing its Members as industry experts. NAI Global shares its story across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, maintains a number of corporate and individual blogs ranging from corporate to member brokerages, and is one of the most active content distributors on The News Funnel. Together, these platforms deliver NAI Global messages to target audiences.

Why It Works

NAI Global’s Twitter account is a great example of relating a company story. NAI Global doesn’t just retweet content--it posts original tweets, usually surrounding the company’s engagement in community events. Every post has an engaging image or video that conveys the company’s personality. A recent series of posts from #EXPOREAL included people actively engaged in discussions at the company’s booth, demonstrating a dynamic presence and always showcasing the brand in the backdrop. NAI Global uses branded hashtags like #NAIConvention16 to promote in-house events, but also community hashtags like #CRE and #CREtech to be easily searchable. NAI Global further increases its reach by promoting Member firms and industry influencers using their Twitter handles.

A September 13 tweet from NAI Global received 15 likes and seven shares thanks to including the president’s twitter handle, an event hashtag, and a real-time photo from the conference.

A September 13 tweet from NAI Global received 15 likes and seven shares thanks to including the president’s twitter handle, an event hashtag, and a real-time photo from the conference.

The Facebook platform uses engaging visuals highlighting NAI Global’s presence at conferences and networking events. While Facebook is a platform to showcase commercial real estate investment opportunities, readers are more apt to find advice from NAI’s experts and links to NAI’s researched reports that demonstrate their market knowledge and thought leadership.

NAI Global News Link’s YouTube account highlights the company’s global footprint. Videos are grouped by uploads from NAI Global Members, the Global Convention, and others.

Best blogging practices highlight regular updating, which NAI Global News Link does thanks to a blog page format that mixes company news with original content. The news updates on average twice a day. Original content is highlighted along the right sidebar, along with an updated Twitter feed for cross-promotion.

What truly makes the NAI Global News Link blog effective for SEO is that it takes advantage of its wide platform to distribute information. Its blogs appear on content aggregator The News Funnel, the local firm’s page, and the NAI Global News Link page. The NAI Global corporate blog is linked to its Member firms’ websites on every page, meaning each post has a viable opportunity for content to reach its target audience.




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