Content Marketing Spotlight: LiquidSpace

Businesses have office space needs and property owners need qualified tenants to fill their spaces. LiquidSpace fills the gap between, connecting growing teams with space providers. Their online tools reimagine the traditional leasing process. Over 64,000 businesses across the United States, Canada, and Australia have used LiquidSpace to solve their short- and long-term office needs.

Content Strategy

The LiquidSpace blog delivers industry insights and trends in workspace freedom from around the globe. Their niche is about office spaces: leasing, coworking spaces, office design trends and similar subjects. Additional published content showcases the cities LiquidSpace serves through neighborhood guides and venue spotlights. The blog delivers on important industry insights with updates on commercial real estate working trends and the launch of new LiquidSpace services. Everything is sorted into the mentioned categories for easy searching. The intense focus on office-related topics makes the blog a success and one of our highlighted Masters of Content.

“Content is more than just communication. At LiquidSpace, we’re using content to tell our brand story – that’s a given. But content is also a catalyst for driving various marketing initiatives. As we revisit our SEO strategy, for example, we’re taking control of key search terms through content. We’re also using content to elevate our social media presence, where engagement is key. Compelling content engages our audience beyond a tweet, post, or photo on social media. Another key initiative for LiquidSpace is content distribution. There’s plenty of amazing content out in the world, but much of it flies under the radar because of poor distribution. As we leverage contributed content opportunities and distribution channels we’re enabling our content to get the recognition it deserves.”
— Richard Heby, Content Manager, LiquidSpace


Why LiquidSpace’s Strategy Works

Focusing on your specialization is a best practice to attracting ideal customers. In publishing content about office space trends, the LiquidSpace blog increases its chances of gaining relevant readers: new businesses and tenants seeking flexible lease terms. The “work local” category drives potential customers in LiquidSpace’s numerous markets to discover the company website. Venue spotlights are excellent for social promotion, especially when paired with attractive visuals ideal for Instagram.

LiquidSpace isn’t only about the tenants. Commercial real estate owners and developers need to advertise their available leases. LiquidSpace content appeals to this audience through regular reports and updates on design trends.

Customers continue their office space journey with LiquidSpace by following through a call to action at the bottom of each blog or clicking on the recommended content. The calls to action vary; some blogs offer a free PDF download with tips related to the blog post’s topic, such as in the post “Watch for These 4 Things When Signing an Office Lease.” Readers can take the tips “to go” via sending to print or saving on their phone or desktop. A CTA to download the PDF appears again on the page bottom.

LiquidSpace is an avid content distributor, leveraging their original content and curating related material. The company reaches tenant and owner audiences by customizing their content on the social networks the audiences visit. For modern tenants seeking a flexible space, attractive photos featuring their workspaces appear on Instagram and Twitter. Audience engagement is high on these platforms, with the venue spotlights receiving plenty of love. Facebook and Google+ promote written content, both original and curated. LiquidSpace uses Youtube for special product announcement and how-to videos.

Besides reading the LiquidSpace blog, interested business owners, startups, and representatives can engage with LiquidSpace on their preferred social network. See:


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LiquidSpace uses brightly lit attractive photography to promote its roster of spaces on Instagram.