Content Marketing Spotlight: ICSC Blog

Through the millennia, civilization development depended on the exchange of products. From bazaars to plazas to malls, cities needed places dedicated to the purchase and selling of wares. In the modern age, where and how we shop may look different, but the need for goods and services continues driving the global economy. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) advances the shopping center industry and the commercial distribution of consumer goods and services. The 70,000-plus members span the globe and include developers, investors, shopping center owners, brokers, public officials, and other professionals with a vested interest in retail real estate and commerce.

ICSC is a vast organization with a powerful impact on the commercial and retail industry. Its digital and content strategy has received numerous accolades in the past few years. The ICSC blog is a small piece of the group’s overarching media strategy. The professional group started blogging in December 2010. Today, ICSC’s page ranks as one of the 5 most popular retail blogs on The News Funnel. Their blog content, appearing on the website, is a collection of guest posts from industry leaders that supply a personal touch on retail news and industry trends important to ICSC members. The writing is more casual in form: gain a first-person look at Barneys’ New York by Noelle Malone, or dive into Jeff Cohn’s series REinvented, a spotlight on the creative retail applications in an ever-changing retail real estate industry. ICSC blog entries promote engaging content related to the New York Deal Making Conference and RECon, infographics, and social media trends like Throwback Thursday (#tbt). Advocacy articles are published on the blog, but most standard news releases and other industry-relevant information are posted separately on the Newsroom page.

ICSC is concerned with digital engagement amongst its members and outside the industry. Opening the ICSC blog into a thoughtful forum for its members educates the retail community about what other agencies, owners, and developers are doing across the globe. Published members have the opportunity to reach a new audience and establish credibility in their niche. Each guest post includes a bio and link to their business. To highlight digital engagement, the bottom of each post shows the number of shares from the blog page on each social network. Guests blogs routinely report high shares on LinkedIn, a top professional social platform.

The ICSC Blog content engages the readers. “Can Metrics Be Sexy?” Click to read and find out. Every post educates the readers about a topic important to the commercial and retail industry. Learn about hot markets, advice for getting involved at ICSC Deal Making, how to improve brand design, and more. During ReCon 2016, ICSC hosted ICSC Live!, an interview series with industry leaders. The videos originally streamed live, but now the series is accessible via YouTube and through the ICSC Blog. Redistributing on the blog provides evergreen content and links ICSC with these industry leaders.

Other best practices of the ICSC’s blog: a sleek, simple design with an easy-to-read typeface on any device. The page auto-formats to the size of the screen. Readers find related posts offered at the bottom, social sharing options on the blog and on the page, and quality images heading each post. Written guest content uses sub-heads and numbered lists for easy browsing.

Read the ICSC blog at the Center of Shopping. The newsroom is accessible through the top menu options. The ICSC blog is just one component of the organization’s comprehensive, award-winning content strategy. See how else ICSC applies content marketing on its social accounts at:

ICSC Chairman Liz Holland published a blog on 7 Trends to Watch for 2017. The blog was distributed on Twitter and in the January issue of SCT Magazine.