Content Marketing Spotlight: Hightower Blog

Hightower is a commercial real estate industry leader in leasing and asset management. The Hightower platform provides real-time analytics and management tools to help thousands of owners and brokers increase returns, improve productivity, and reduce risk.

Hightower’s Content Strategy

Hightower presents an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Content is customized to leverage each platform’s advantages to maximum effect. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts feature high quality images, appropriate hashtags, credit to users, and links to content. Instagram shows off the company’s presence at industry leading events and features company members.

What truly shines in Hightower’s content strategy is its blog. The original content published on the Hightower blog is the engine behind the company’s content marketing success on its owned platforms.

Why It Works

The Hightower Blog is a model for commercial real estate blogging strategy. Readers trust Hightower to deliver fresh, quality content. The content Hightower publishes works by:

  1. Positioning Hightower as an industry leader. For example, Hightower posts a series called “Recommend Reading: The 3 Best CRE Articles of the Week.” Content like this shows the company has a finger on the pulse of trends. The series performs double duty by building Hightower’s professional network. By letting other companies know their writing is featured on the Hightower blog, they are building relationships and providing opportunities for social sharing outside of their owned platforms.
  2. Educating readers on trends. The CRE market is constantly evolving. Hightower’s blog proves they know this and are paying attention. “When Will Office Leasing Pick Back Up?” could be a concern of Hightower’s leasing customers. This blog reassures their target client base. Other articles discuss market updates, retailer news, and office trends like bike valets.
  3. Solving reader problems. Readers walk away from the Hightower blog learning something that can be applied in their business or lifestyle. See “What Commercial Real Estate Professional Need to Know About Data Centers” and “4 Ways to Use Instagram for your CRE Leasing Business.

Hightower optimizes its blog content by applying best practices. New content is published every day. All blog content is targeted to Hightower’s customer base from the topics selected to the tags applied. Readers can search for content as a tenant rep, landlord rep, or owner. Posts employ SEO techniques with specific headlines, use of subheaders and lists inside content, and quality featured images. A call to action appears twice on each post: subscribe to the blog on the top and download a leasing and asset management guide is at the bottom. Social sharing buttons are present at the top and bottom of every page.

Hightower utilizes another proven optimization technique: guest blogging. Dan Spiegel of Colliers International recently wrote “How Predictive Analytics Can Change Commercial Real Estate Brokerage” for Hightower’s blog. Mr. Spiegel receives a bio at the bottom of the post and Hightower earns backlinking from Mr. Spiegel’s and/or Colliers International’s social platforms. Backlinking builds credibility with customers and search engines.

As mentioned earlier, the Hightower blog drives the company’s content strategy. The owned platforms promote Hightower’s latest post everyday and repost past articles for another traffic boost.


Hightower’s blog “What Bitcoin Can Do for Commercial Real Estate” educates readers on the blockchain currency. When published on Hightower’s Twitter account, the content generated six retweets and two likes. Initial posts appeared on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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