Content Marketing Spotlight: CompStak Blog

Finding accurate comparables, or comps, is essential in the real estate business. Compstak helps commercial real estate professionals source the data they need for property pricing, appraising, investing, and more with its powerful lease comparison database. The free private exchange allows users nationwide to trade the comps they have for ones they need. The comps are anonymous, searchable and guaranteed to be accurate.

Compstak Content Strategy

CRE companies publish content related to their product or service niche. The Compstak Blog is no exception, but it recently adopted a different strategy from competitors, which is why we identified Compstak as one of our masters of content for 2016. Each post is called the “Compstak Courier,” billed as a “one-stop shop for weekly CRE news.” The Courier format is similar to a e-bulletin or weekly newsletter. The update provides short summaries of the selected top stories organized by region and with links to further reading. The homepage lists the Compstak Couriers in chronological order starting with the most recent.

Why Compstak Blog’s Strategy Works

Transforming the blog into a condensed newsletter highlighting key commercial real estate news stories appeals to Compstak’s audience: busy CRE professionals. The blog is a summary of everything a broker, developer, or lender would need to know from the week. Writing short overviews allows these time-pressed readers to cover a lot of ground quickly, as demonstrated by the “read time” published at the top of each post. A CRE professional can find two or three minutes to scan an edition of the Compstak Courier.

A news summary style differentiates Compstak from content competitors. The majority take a long-form blog approach to addressing audience pain points and sharing relevant industry news.  Compstak adhered to this widely adopted style before launching the Courier posts. Those blogs have not lost their value and are still available for their readers on the Compstak Blog. The industry practice of creating content focused on a single topic per post is still a valid way of solving audience problems and generating evergreen material. Compstak’s move to the newspaper summary format is just as helpful to readers because the format itself solves an audience problem: lack of time and need to stay informed.

Every article summary links to the original post for CRE professionals requiring more information about the selected story. This has the added bonus of building links for search engine optimization.


Readers can subscribe to the Compstak Blog through the pop-up call-to-action or at the bottom of the blog page. At the bottom of each post, readers can leave feedback or explore the top blogs. Compstak content is available on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Add Compstak to your RSS feed for the latest company news.


What the Compstak Courier looks like:

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