Content Marketing Spotlight: Colliers International

Colliers International is an entrepreneurial global real estate company operating in 66 countries. Their range of services covers owners, investors, and tenants in all market segments. The company’s mission places others first: clients, its community, and shareholders. The 16,000 professionals employed with Colliers International are passionate about service, industry growth and supplying the best advice for business decisions.

Content Strategy

We often have identified Colliers International as a leader in effective real estate content marketing. The Knowledge Leader blog often appears on our top lists because of their frequency and the quality of their content.

The mission of the Knowledge Leader blog is to inform, inspire, and engage. It is an extension of the magazine by the same name. The Knowledge Leader applies the same tactics Colliers International uses to market properties. This includes quality photography, studying analytics, using technology to manage trends, and creating an abundance of content such as reports, white papers, and case studies. This wealth of content is distributed across owned social networks in a meaningful way. The Knowledge Leader recognizes the importance of millennials and Linkedin.

The blog allows the staff and writers to post more timely contents and engage with the online audience. Regularly posted new content tracks global trends. Topics include market analysis, office trends, pinpointed retail sectors, agent representation, technology and more. Images and contrasted titles are the backbone of the dynamic user interface. On smaller screens, the blog appears as a scrolling list of topics backed by attractive images and titles. Larger devices offered additional content based on collections, featured articles, what's important in the magazine, and other related topics. A subscribe call to action and social sharing options are always available.

Why Their Strategy Works

The Knowledge Leader generates a wealth of content ideal for pushing across numerous social platforms. Providing content variety increases the blog’s potential to connect and engage with the wide audience. Some topics include multiple content forms. For instance, the Quarter 4 snapshot of the top office metros includes an infographic plus a downloadable report. Now readers access content in three ways: scan the key takeaways on the blog, read the white paper, or view a visual of the results. They’ve used the source information to create ways for the readers to interact with the content in the way they prefer. Click on various blog posts and you’ll discover the Knowledge Leader blog is a treasure trove of infographics and downloadable content.

The blog design matches the trends attracting millennials. Using photography to back up titles is attractive eye-catching and appeals to the growing millennial audience. We love the social network feature that previews content posted on Colliers’ owned networks. Refer to the Instagram box as an example of using the platform for commercial real estate marketing.

The Knowledge Leader works in conjunction with the magazine to present relevant trends and to promote the magazine’s carefully curated published content. The blog is able to publish timely individual market snapshots while the magazine focuses on interviews with industry leaders and wider industry perspectives. Together, the blog and magazine showcase Colliers International’s specialized industry knowledge.


Read the Knowledge Leader Blog by Colliers International. On the blog, subscribe to their weekly newsletter or download the latest addition of the Knowledge Leader magazine. Connect with the company on:


The Instagram preview on the Knowledge Leader blog.

Dynamic design is eye-catching, highlights various topics, and promotes the latest Knowledge Leader magazine.