Content Marketing Spotlight: Breather

A beautiful space inspires the mind and soothes the soul. Breather believes this philosophy applies to workspaces, too. Hundreds of companies use Breather to find beautifully designed off-site locations for meetings, spill-overs, and special events. The distraction-free locations are designed to boost productivity through smart, professional design that believes flexible workspaces don’t need to be sterile.

Content Strategy

The Breather brand fuses attractive design with function. The same care to design carries through their blog. Attractive, brightly lit photography with a warm color palette accompanies each blog post. The photos tend to feature people at work, but exceptions are made for the creative use of .GIFs (see “Big things can happen in small spaces”) and cleverly designed graphics. Published content topics vary, but all blogs are original articles related to how businesses use office spaces. Breather’s blog features interviews, such as with Spotify’s Alexandra Tanguay, partnerships with other brands, case studies, podcasts, company news, client features, and opinion pieces.

Why Breather’s Strategy Works

The overarching trend in company blogs focuses on publishing thought leadership pieces with the intent to establish authority in a field. Breather aims to demonstrate its flexible work spaces are different and its emphasis on offering a unique product reflects in the blog. Breather publishes diverse content types that cast a wide audience net. The voice is professional but casual. Frequent blog interviews with thought leaders, their Good Talk series, and client profiles perform double duty by showing how companies use Breather while expanding their potential readership.

Breather’s blog is a masterful example of selling without blatant self-promotion. Even when featuring a space, Breather skips describing the reservable room in favor of a Q&A with the designer. For example, read, “Danish minimalism meets New York realism in SoHo.”  

Visually appealing spaces are an essential part of the Breather brand. The blog seamlessly reflects this value in its image choices. Warm colors and a bright lens reflect Breather’s mission to create inviting environment that someone would want to work. Inside a blog post, the previous and next stories lead with the image and not the title.


Check out Breather’s blog for a prime example of smart branding and selling without selling.  If you like their blog, definitely check out Breather’s Instagram account for inspiration on how this platform can be used to promote workspaces. Over 15,000 and counting, so they are definitely doing social marketing right! Their Facebook and Twitter feeds are equally well-executed examples of content marketing.