Content Marketing Spotlight: Adwerx Blog

Adwerx specializes in digital marketing and brand awareness for real estate professionals. The company started in 2013 to provide effective and affordable digital marketing solutions for brokers and agents, mortgage lenders, and insurance companies. Using the same strategies as “big brands,” their online advertising places clients before local prospects based on the actions they take online.

The Adwerx blog publishes frequent updates on relevant topics in their industry niche: growing brand awareness for real estate professionals. To reach the widest audience possible, the Adwerx blog generates content in a variety of formats. Visitors can watch videos, sign up for webinars, read short form or long-form blog content, and read expert opinions from guest posts. The homepage promotes content through clear titles, excerpts, quality graphics, and an estimated read time. Once a reader clicks on a post, they can continue to the related content offered on the “Everyone’s Talking About” sidebar or “More Posts Like This” promoted at the bottom of the content.

Regular updates with fresh content keep Adwerx top of mind with their ideal customer, real estate brokers and agents. By creating original content in numerous formats, the Adwerx blog can promote on a diverse range of social platforms and reach an extended real estate audience. Video marketing is a critical promotion tool, and Adwerx is able to share its video content on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other hosting platforms. Blogs of all lengths are excellent for LinkedIn promotion, in addition to Facebook and Twitter. Including guest posts from industry professionals is a great strategy to attract an ever-growing audience of potential customers.

We love the section titled “Everyone's talking about….” It’s more creative than a sidebar called “Popular Content.” In using the bandwagon marketing technique, Adwerx’s header is more likely to solicit readers to click on the title to find out exactly why it’s a popular piece.

Real estate professionals are pressed for time. Writing clear titles, adding content excerpts and pairing with relevant images allow for quick skimming. Providing an estimated read time informs the reader know how much time will be invested if they continue further down the rabbit trail.

Learn more about Adwerx’s strategy in our interview with Lauren Walker, Adwerx Director of Content.

To see the latest updates, visit the Adwerx blog. Visitors can find video content on YouTube. Signups for upcoming webinars are available in the various call to actions in the sidebar and along the bottom of the page. Other curated and original content is promoted across popular social networks such as:

A sample of a guest blog promoted on Adwerx’s Twitter account.

Adwerx Blog content educates its target audience on brand awareness strategies.

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