Content Marketing Interview with RealNex CEO, Jeffrey Finn

interview with jeffrey finn // realnex president and ceo

When and why did you adopt Content Marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy?

Jeffrey: I realized the power and potential of content marketing during the financial crisis. I was CEO of NAI Global at that time, marketing budgets were tight and social media/blogging was a burgeoning new field. We realized that we had vast information and there was a very cost effective alternative to traditional media to position ourselves. Upon launching RealNex in 2014, it was core to our marketing strategy. As a new company trying to build brand and awareness, we needed to communicate with the industry in a targeted and efficient means. Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise and found content marketing was a most effective way to share our thoughts, findings and views.

How do you use Content Marketing to build your brand?

Jeffrey: We talk about what we stand for, what we are trying to create and what we trying to build. That is who we are and it comes through in the voice of our content. As a company we strive to make the CRE industry more efficient by creating tremendously valuable and cost effective technology solutions. Our content marketing and overall marketing is all about leading the CRE industry to aggressively adopt technology, so we talk about how innovation can increase productivity and profitability. Whether a blog, interview, social media post or a public speaking opportunity the content is key to evangelize adoption and transformation. As we move forward we will adding a series of case studies to show by example how technology innovators and adopters are able to outperform.

How do you get your content out to your target audience?

Jeffrey: We are fortunate to have a very large eco-system to start with both from the social media followers of our partners as well as the users of our solutions. We leverage our social media channels and e-Marketing channels to reach out to this core community. And, we are active as speakers and sponsors at industry events to expand our circle and bring more people into our community. More recently we have begun to leverage highly targeted social media marketing and webinars to further expand and engage our target audience.

How has Content Marketing helped to achieve your marketing objectives?

Jeffrey: We continue to build our audience and engagement. That is another important aspect of content marketing combined with social media. 

It is not just a one-way communication, but it starts a dialogue to engage with our customers, prospects and the industry at large. We have become socially engaged with people we haven’t met and stayed connected with long term relationships in a meaningful way. It yields more that just awareness but brings about a bridge of confidence and trust.
— Jeffrey Finn

Where do you find inspiration for new content?

Jeffrey: We are constantly interacting with the community and various thought leaders from within and outside the industry. Inspiration comes from reading and talking, observing and listening. Watching what innovators are doing and understanding what we are missing in CRE…trying to connect the dots to bring the industry forward sometimes in baby steps and sometimes with big leaps that shift the paradigm. 

What advice would you give to a new blogger?

I have found the best bloggers are very focused experts in a niche or sector of the market. They demonstrate their expertise and communicate their expertise to build a following. The market is hungry for knowledge and successful experience, by demonstrating your expertise, people will follow and want to engage with you.

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