Content Marketing Interview with Michael Griffin, Founder of ClientLook

interview with clientlook founder, michael griffin

When and why did you adopt Content Marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy?

Michael: We’ve been posting content since ClientLook’s inception in 2008. We’re very passionate about CRM and commercial real estate software. Helping companies maximize their ability to make money using technology is what we’re all about. However we understand that this can be intimidating because many tech tools are new to a lot of people in our industry. We share our insight and experience through regular blogs to help provide simple solutions that anyone can implement to benefit their business.

How do you use Content Marketing to build your brand?

Michael: We don’t use content marketing as a commercial for ClientLook. Instead we try hard to deliver informative, easy-to-read articles that inspire readers to adopt technology. The topics could include things like maximizing lead generation or choosing the right technology providers. They’re always topics in which we’re experts. The hope is that this expertise helps promote ClientLook as a trusted and quality brand.

How do you get your content out to your target audience?

Michael: Typically we publish our articles on our website at We promote their availability through social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. We’re fortunate to have a great following of readers. One particularly valuable resource is the Technology for Commercial Real Estate group on LinkedIn. I started this group when I founded ClientLook back in 2008. It’s an amazing platform for sharing content and generating conversation.

How has Content Marketing helped to achieve your marketing objectives?

Michael: We have a great story to tell as a bootstrapped company made up of commercial real estate technology entrepreneurs. 

As former brokers, we know how our audience thinks and where they go for information. We’ve worked really hard to achieve our industry leading position, and content marketing is a big part of our overall marketing strategy. It’s helped ClientLook evolve to the point where we now count on referrals as the #1 source of new business.
— Michael Griffin

Where do you find inspiration for new content?

Michael: We have too many ideas, and the real challenge is picking the topics that mean the most. We write about software and CRM-related topics, but also fun stuff like hardware and software reviews. We’ve written about our experience at industry conferences and even presented our staff’s picks for the best holiday tech gifts. Ideas are everywhere, and somehow the most important topics always seem to make themselves really obvious. We listen intently to our users who most frequently provide an amazing source for relevant topics.

What advice would you give to a new blogger?

Michael: I would suggest that new bloggers get their content rolling now. Also, understand that anybody can do this. You don’t need any special skills or sophistication. You don’t have to be a big company. It can take a while to find your “voice” though. Start reading content provided by others in the industry. There are definitely themes that continue to resonate. Chime in on hot topics or come up with your own ideas. Either way, get involved. Before you know it you’ll develop your own audience.