Content Marketing Interview with Lauren Walker, Director of Content for Adwerx


When and why did you adopt Content Marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy?

Lauren: Content marketing was part of the overall marketing strategy for Adwerx from the start. We launched our flagship product in 2013, and our blog was live shortly thereafter. But the strategy wasn’t fully fleshed out until 2015, when we created a more formal distribution plan for our content with paid, owned and earned channels. We also expanded the editorial focus of the content.

How do you use Content Marketing to build your brand?

Lauren: We use content marketing to position Adwerx as a trusted resource for our customers. As we started in the real estate vertical, we never claimed to be or wanted to be seen as real estate experts. Our expertise is in digital advertising and marketing best practices. So we use our blog to educate and inform, and sometimes to entertain. Another core of our editorial mission is to lift up our customers and help boost their personal brands. We find customers who have interesting stories and create content pieces around them.

Our hope is that our customers and potential customers consume our content at various stages in their journey: they come to us in the evaluate phase to get to know the brand and understand our value add. Then they come back to learn more granular detail about the product and read case studies as they near the purchase phase. Then, as active customers, they stick around because we continue to share information about using the Adwerx products and thought leadership to enhance their overall business.

How do you get your content out to your target audience?

Lauren: Our content distribution channels include email to both prospective and current customers, social channels and news aggregators like The News Funnel.

How has Content Marketing helped to achieve your marketing objectives?

Lauren: Our content marketing has played an integral role in telling our brand story. In the early days, our customers were coming to us for lead generation more out of habit than anything else, but we’ve put out content (and continue to to do so) that helps them differentiate between lead gen tools and what we do, which is brand awareness advertising. That’s been critical in managing customer expectations and reducing churn.

Our content marketing initiatives are also our “give” when it comes to influencer relationships. As we meet thought leaders and influencers within our industry, we can offer them something of value — videos and blog posts that amplify their brand. It turns into a PR play for these thought leaders and the halo effect on Adwerx is significant.
— Lauren Walker, Director of Content, Adwerx

Where do you find inspiration for new content?

Lauren: We never have a shortage of inspiration for content! There is so much opportunity to talk about digital advertising and marketing, looking at the evergreen tenets of branding and the cutting-edge application of technology. Plus we’re always meeting interesting people, and getting to know them better through our interviews and profile pieces are some of our richest content.

What advice would you give to a new blogger?

Lauren: My advice to a new blogger is the same advice writers have been given since the days of pen and ink: write what you know. Write to one person, not a demographic. And understand what that person needs from you. Write like a human. It’s tempting to try to game the SEO system, but in the end, good content always wins. And don’t forget about distribution -- it’s one thing to publish, but sharing is important too. Be generous. Give before you ask. And lastly, know that there is power in every story, no matter how humble.