Content Marketing Interview with Brevitas Co-Founder


How does Brevitas use content to build its brand?

RAYMOND PRESSLEY: We provide members of our newsletter and our marketplace with relevant content that can help them navigate the many different aspects of today's commercial real estate market. We like to offer thoughtful pieces that provide actionable insights into the industry. As a CRE service provider, we always strive to provide value to our members, we find that relevant content distribution shows that we are focused on them from the start. Much of the content we provide is not simply about our company,  we like to send our readers to other companies who provide tools that can benefit them. 

What specifically is your Content Marketing strategy?

RAYMOND PRESSLEY: Our strategy starts with our readers - we have to identify who they are and where they are currently consuming content. Next, we identify what is attractive to them.  Most of these readers already know what we do as a company, so our strategy and direction depends on what they want to read.

Our goal is to consistently provide credible and insightful content, when our readers know we provide a certain standard of quality, they can see us as a credible place to learn and grow their own knowledge base.

We use a series of indicators that come from analytics that help us determine what those interesting topics are. I would say we are still at a very early stage, but this is a long term game, successful content marketing is not achieved overnight. By consistently tracking what information our readers want to consume, we have the opportunity to provide a source of quality content for years to come. 

What lessons have you learned about building an effective Content Marketing program?

RAYMOND PRESSLEY: As I mentioned above, the biggest lesson we've learned is that content marketing success does not come overnight. There are generally two things we look to build on, return visitors and SEO traffic. We already have a consistent user base that visit our private marketplace, but there is a growing base of readers who now come to our site just for the content. As you build a reputation as a company who delivers content that is about "them" and not about "us", you start to see progress.  

The second lesson is about distribution, to have content marketing success, you need to find new channels to enter into. We've included guest blogs and writers, and also try to highlight some of the other companies in the CRE Tech space. It's much easier to highlight some of the great things another company or individual is doing than to boast about yourself. In turn, those articles or mentions often end up being reposted or distributed in a channel that you aren't currently in. That ends up creating new customers and readers. 

What other types of marketing do you use and how effective are they?

RAYMOND PRESSLEY: We also use events, paid advertising, and social media as part of our overall content marketing strategy.  These have been effective channels for us that often provide an immediate impact. I would put social media in with content marketing, as both are a longer term strategy.

Events and paid advertising are absolutely effective, however they do not provide a passive return. Once those types of marketing have taken place, that’s it, and it’s time to spend again to get results. That’s not to say content marketing doesn’t require resources, but the return comes over a much longer period of time.

What’s the best advice you would give a company or professional who want to use Content Marketing and specifically social media?

RAYMOND PRESSLEY: It's not about you, it's about them. What do people want to see? What do they want to read about? Those are the important questions to ask. 

Another thing is to find a way to convey your message in a medium that is more visual. People don't always want to read any more, find a healthy mix of informative and also visual content.

What are your personal favorite websites for business, inspiration and knowledge?

RAYMOND PRESSLEY: My personal favorites are listed below with reasons why. 

1. MIPIM and The Real Deal

I love to read about new developments and real estate trends and not always just in the US. MIPIM does a great job of providing content across all real estate verticals and provides international news. The Real Deal does a great job of covering New York, which is the most interesting real estate market in the world.  

2. Hubspot

There is a wealth of information in Hubspot's content. They do a great job of providing articles about sales, marketing, and SaaS business functions. You can almost always find them on the first page of google for any search that involves modern sales tactics.  

3. Tim Ferris 4 Hour Blog

Tim is the cutting edge of experiments, hacks, and generally providing cool content. I enjoy his quirky outlook on all things business and also life, he merges fun, shocking, and informative. 


This covers everything in the tech and start up world with a pinch of hacker flavor, it's a great place to find out what's happening all around the tech ecosystem. 

5. Duke Long 

Can't forget Duke Long, I consider him a personal friend and mentor. He may have rants but the fact is, he speaks the truth. I enjoy the articles he provides without a filter.  He has relationships all across the Commercial Real Estate Sector and of course the CRE tech space, he's aware of things taking place before almost anyone.

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