Change Your Content Game This NAI Convention


What does it take to be a social media game changer? A bag packed with sunblock and chapstick? Those supplies might work for content marketing professionals attending the 2018 Nai Convention. How so? Sign up for the #NAIgamechanger session on Wednesday, Sept 26th from 9:45am – 11am. Lead by Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel and Kevin Green, Head of Marketing at RealMassive, the #NAIgamechanger workshop is jam-packed with goodies to reshape your content marketing plan.

If you’re not seeing the desired results from your content marketing strategy, it could be time to shake things up. During the #NAIgamechanger session, we’ll help you rethink how to align a brand position with content strategy using the latest and best practices. And we plan to have fun doing it!
— Sarah Malcolm

Attendees will need more than a pen, snack, and RealMassive Koozie for this informative session. #NAIgamechanger will dig into brand positioning and crafting a brand voice. Armed with a clear idea of branding, Malcolm and Green next reveal how to use that voice to amplify content, create hashtags, and use influencers to target key audiences. You’ll definitely need a selfie to remember all the insightful information from these two industry marketing leaders.

After engaging with the workshop’s valuable content, #NAIgamechanger shifts into breakout sessions. Fuel up on The Content Funnel Gummy Bears to keep the creative juices flowing as you apply the game-changing advice to revamping your content marketing strategy.

Developing a content strategy can be overwhelming for marketers who are already time constrained. With countless channels, content types and tools, it’s important to understand what success looks like and define the path forward before you start.
— Kevin Green

#NAIgamechanger delivers more than an opportunity to craft a killer brand position that sticks better than a RealMassive Popsocket. Let’s Make a Deal and win a free blog from The Content Funnel, a Yeti rambler, or an Alexa. That’s right: just like the popular TV game show, having key items on hand at the conclusion of #NAIgamechanger could earn you a winning social strategy and a handy new prize. To win, you’ll need certain items hinted at throughout this blog.

Mark #NAIGamechanger on your 2018 NAI Convention agenda. Remember to follow RealMassive and The Content Funnel on Instagram for more updates about this exciting session.

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