Calls to Action That Aren't Subscribe

Blog Post by Lindsey Imperatore, Director of Marketing at The News Funnel

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These days it feels like every website wants you to sign up for something. Subscribe to my newsletter! Subscribe to my blog for the latest updates! Subscribe to get the latest white paper! At this rate, the word “subscribe” is on the fast tracking earn dead word status: an overused, boring word.

Content marketers started using “subscribe” with good intent. Incorporating calls-to-action (CTA) is a content marketing best practice. We want to continue interacting with website visitors, building our email marketing lists, and providing real value. In a crowded market place saturated with “subscribe” buttons, it’s time to create unique CTAs that grab visitor attention.  Luckily, other call-to-action options exist besides subscribing to a newsletter, email chain, or blog updates.

Download for Free

Offer visitors content with real value with extended content. Spin a helpful blog into a PDF checklist. Research and compose a relevant white paper and create a snazzy graphic to embed into related blog posts. Gather a series of blogs and convert into a free e-book to advertise for download. To capture visitor contact information, direct them to a landing page to capture the data and complete the download process.

See my listings

For real estate agents, create a call-to-action directing visitors to view your current listings. This option is a great CTA for the end of a video. Add a clickable button or verbally direct visitors to your website. Include a “see more properties like this” CTA in a video tour. Besides videos, add the “see my listings” CTA into blogs or podcasts.

Encourage comments

Rather than subscribing, solicit visitor comments by encouraging discussion directly on the blog. Add a “comment below,” or “please leave feedback” CTA. Better yet--ask the audience a question to spur the conversation, like “What CRMs did we leave out that you prefer to use?” Keep the discussion going by responding to the comments. When visitors see a web manager actually engages with reader comments, they’re more likely to leave a comment.

Join a group

Do you run an engaging group on a social network? Use the CTA to direct visitors to join the group. Make clear in the CTA the value of entering your group: “Join a network of 1000+ CRE marketers,” or “Meet other New Jersey Broker professionals.”

Be Creative

Still want the users to subscribe to a blog or email marketing list? Be more creative with your CTA. Instead of the dead word, try variations like:

  • Join 2,000+ Readers

  • Stay Updated with My Awesome Newsletter

  • Send Me Updates

  • Learn More Tech Trends

  • Continue Reading

  • Be a Part of the Community

Picking the right call-to-action draws readers further into the buyer’s journey with your brand. A CTA is not something you want to blend into the background of your content. Start with creative phrasing to catch your reader’s eye and earn the click.