Bust Through Your Writer’s Block: 7 Easy Ways

Even the best, most experienced writers and real estate content creators suffer from the occasional bout of writer’s block. When you’re really hustling to put out great content —and are doing so frequently— it’s easy to get in a rut and feel like you’re stuck.

Never fear! We’ve curated some of the best tips for busting through your writer’s block.

#1. Know What You Want to Say

Ever stare at a blank page for hours just wondering what you want to write about? Don’t! That will kill your productivity. Instead, keep a notebook or spreadsheet of ideas that you can reference when you’re stuck. This can be everything from your daily interactions with clients and other agents, to neighborhood events, local attractions, and more.

An editorial calendar can be a great way to keep all of your ideas in one place. Our recent blog gives you a free editorial calendar download: 5 Essential Elements of an Effective Editorial Calendar.

#2. Limit Distractions

Is your broker’s office a hotbed for water cooler conversations and general hustle and bustle? Perhaps that’s not the best place to sit down and write a blog post. Keep writer’s block at bay by finding a quiet, distraction free location that you dedicate your “writing zone.” Or, try out some of the many apps designed to keep your focus —like this one from Ommwriter.

#3. Talk to Your Audience

When in doubt, remember your audience. If a member of your audience was sitting in your living room or meeting you for lunch, what would you talk about? What would they find interesting? What could you teach them? How could you help them?

We talk more about understanding your audience in this recent blog post: 6 Must-Haves for a Killer Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy.

#4. Start Anywhere

Is that first paragraph really driving you crazy? If so, skip it. There’s no rule that says you have to start at the beginning. Jump to a place where you’re comfortable —maybe that means creating all of the bullet points for your piece and then going back to the beginning.

#5. Don’t Edit

When your creative juices are flowing, don’t stop to edit. Let everything fly out onto the page while you’re in the groove —then go back and edit. Some even suggest letting it sit for a few days before going back in with a “fresh brain” to edit.

#6. Read Something Else

If you’re really stuck, go back and read some of your old posts —they can be a great source of inspiration. Maybe there’s a topic that could be expanded on? You can also read some of your favorite real estate influencer’s blogs to get ideas, even if they’re outside your genre. You never know what might spark your next great idea.

#7. Do More Research

Sometimes the reason why you’re stuck is because you don’t have enough information about what you’re trying to say. This could mean you need to do more research, or perhaps you need to reflect more on the topic —taking notes or creating an outline.  

Still stuck? Check out some of these ideas for how to create content without writing in our recent blog: 6 Super Simple Ways to Create Content Without Writing.

Putting it Into Practice

Don’t let writer’s block get you down! Our team of experienced real estate content writers can help you brainstorm and craft blogs to grow your authority and reach. Learn more by connecting today!