Benefits of Hosting Community Events by Sarah Malcolm


As real estate professionals, it’s essential to have an active role in the community. So, it's always good to host events that show our support for the neighborhoods you know and love. What better way to show appreciation for the community by hosting an event to support a cause that benefits the local area. Hosting, or even sponsoring, an event is an excellent way to connect with neighbors, demonstrate your company's strong culture, and establish strong relationships with your team.

Pick Your Event

First, decide what type of event to host. There are several types of events, from performances and attractions to community engagement. Some examples of excellent community engagement events are having a car wash or raffle to support a local sports team, or organizing a night of guest speakers to discuss topics ranging from professional seminars to advocacy projects.

You can also partner with charitable organizations. Not only will you raise awareness for a cause you believe in, but this can also help other brands become more excited about participating, too!

Face-to-Face Connections

There are many ways to be involved in a community--including events--without actually being there (We have the internet to thank for that). However, connecting with community members on a personal level can have a significant impact! These critical face-to-face interactions are rare in a virtual world, and your actual presence could solidify a prospect's interest in your company.

Know the Neighborhood

Keep up with local on-goings like grand openings of businesses, countywide events, and regional scholarships funds. Think of ways to include people across generations in one event. By appealing to your existing community culture, you are building the foundation for a successful event.


Your company doesn't have to take on the challenge of planning a community event all alone. Find a community partner! Non-profits are the pros when it comes to putting on great fundraising events. Partner up with one of these organizations and organize an event to raise money for a local charity. It's a great way to raise money for an important cause, and gain some recognition for your business too. Everybody wins.

Snap and Share

No matter what the event, always bring your camera and snap photos of guests participating. They’ll be fun to display in the office, share with local media outlets, post on social media, and encourage participation at future events. Even though the event is public, be sure to ask for permission to share before you publicize any photo--people will appreciate you respecting their privacy!

A community event can benefit a company in many ways. An excellent way to tie up the event is to follow up with the attendees you know personally. Send a quick note thanking them for attending.

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