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If you’re churning out content day after day in your attempts to build a genuine following for your commercial real estate blog but seeing nothing but tumbleweeds, it may be that your blog is well… how do we say this nicely? Boring.

Maybe you’re sharing valuable information but your blog posts aren’t engaging your target audience because they just aren’t easy to read, captivating or entertaining. So how can you improve your writing so that your audience will not only engage with your content but keep coming back for more?

#1. Use funny anecdotes from your experiences.

What do you find more engaging to read? A blog that references a funny or inspiring story related to a business concept or one that just offers facts and statistics? Personalizing your brand includes storytelling and the sharing of engaging interactions you’ve had throughout your CRE career. Make it interesting and get personal!

#2. Keep it short and sweet, or use bullet points.

We all do it. Scanning instead of reading. I mean, we’re busy – okay?! We just want the cold, hard facts so we can move on to that ever-growing to-do list! To keep those busy professionals coming back to your blog time and time again, don’t waste their time. Keep your paragraphs short and use bullet points to quickly and concisely share important information with your audience.

#3. Use images, GIFs or video.

Just because you’re writing a blog doesn’t mean you’re limited to sharing just written content. Insert beautiful or powerful images throughout your written work. Embed a relevant video. Share a funny meme. Yes, your writing should speak for itself but that doesn’t mean you must limit yourself. Sharing relevant media will make your blog more visually interesting.

#4. Smile and laugh while you write.

It’s a proven idea that your writing will often reflect your mood during the content creation process. If you aren’t having fun writing your latest blog post, your audience probably won’t have fun reading it! You may feel goofy but try writing with a big smile on your face – it will give your writing a more lighthearted tone.

#5. Don’t be too worried about offending.

We don’t suggest that you use off-color jokes or anything that could be deemed offensive, racist, sexist or discriminatory but allow yourself to discuss the current events that may be deemed controversial. Political and economic issues can always play into the CRE market, but you might be worried about remaining completely neutral. Sure, not everyone will share all your opinions but no blog post will go viral for being bland and neutral.

#6. Make a joke at your own expense.

While you shouldn’t share anything that might put your real estate company in a bad light, it’s okay to poke fun at yourself. Talk about a big mistake you made, and later corrected. Share a story about how you really embarrassed yourself. If people find you relatable, and funny, it will be easier to capture their attention.

Writing is an art that is sometimes hard to master, and while we’re certain you have plenty of important information and entertaining tidbits to share with your audience, sometimes it’s tough to get it on paper. That’s where The Content Funnel comes in. We’ll make sure you’re the most entertaining blogger in your industry!

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