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As cool as it would be, we don’t have a Delorean time machine to peak forward into the future of content marketing. Based on our experience and research conducted by industry leaders, we do have some insight and educated guesses to how the digital marketing landscape will be in ten years.

Virtual Reality on Social Media

Get ready to pop on the virtual reality glasses and open your Facebook app. Sure, this pretty much current reality (see Facebook Oculus and 360 video), but overall, virtual reality for the everyday consumer is still a new technology. But it’s emerging fast. It’s not unreasonable to predict that within 10 years virtual reality headsets will be more commonplace. Since several social platforms already offer live broadcasting, you have to ask: what’s next? Why not live streaming virtual reality? Or offering virtual reality videos for consumers to digest? Sounds exciting to us!

Filters in 360 Photos/Videos

Tweenagers and teenagers love their filters! And why not? Some of them are cute! In ten years, the puppy-dog eyes and flower-crowned generation will be in the workforce. By that time, tech might be able to support special filters in 360 video and photos. Overlaying company branding into a 360 tour will become more commonplace and accessible to the greater real estate industry.

Video E-Marketing

Real estate professionals need to take notice of this emerging trend. Videos in email marketing improve engagement rates. Right now, it’s not commonplace to open an email campaign and see a video. In ten years, this could be different. More email service providers are supporting video campaigns, as in mobile devices in supporting video email.

Smarter Data Management

You are only as good as your data. And how accurate is that data? According to MarketingProfs, 60% of workers are not confident in their enterprise’s data-quality management. Real estate professionals need accurate data to work with their clients. In the next decade, more data will be generated from everything: IoT systems, CMS, chatbot transcripts, workflow efficiency. How we management the massive data influx, and making sure that information is correct, is just as crucial as what we do with it.


Right now, messaging apps--including WeChat, Facebook, and Snapchat--have 4 billion active users. Especially in real estate, expect chatbots to become more prolific. This nifty AI technology can cut down on basic inquiries received through websites. For real estate agent and brokers, this translates to less time answering a “Do you have any Class B office space in Clermont from 1000-1500 sqft?” query. The chatbot takes care of it, providing relevant answers and asking the right questions. It can record transcripts and capture real, worthwhile leads. Expect chatbots to become an essential digital marketing tools in the near future.

Get out front of emerging real estate content marketing trends. How? Stay educated about what’s happening in the industry through events and reading online news. Experiment with new developments and be the first to adopt new strategies.