Are You Over-Blogging?


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Unsolved Mysteries: Frequency at Which You Should Update

Ah, the old chestnut. If you run a blog you’ve definitely pondered the mysterious question of how often you should click the “Publish” button. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic number because the amount completely depends on the type of blog you run. For CRE business bloggers who use blogging as a way to build awareness and drive new sales, a consistent blogging strategy is more important than posting with reckless abandon.

You Could Blog Everyday...

The more often you publish quality content on your blog the more visitors, leads, and customers your site will attract. So if you have the resources to blog daily, you should. But head forth with caution because over-blogging is an example when more isn’t always merrier. After all, there is no use in having a blog that’s brimming with posts if the content is as interesting as a piece of dry toast. Blog every day if you wish, but if you start to see the length, quality and flavor begin to slip, cut back to a more manageable number per week. And outsource if you need a writer that can make those ideas come alive.

But Less May Be Better

If it’s a drag to post to your blog every day, it’s probably also a drag to your readers. They say less is more, and this also holds true in the boundless world of blogging. Shift your focus to formats that are shorter and more frequent than longer and less often. Spend a healthy amount of time creating a colorful spread and don’t forget to dedicate time promoting your entertaining copy. I mean having a following of readers is kind of the whole point, right?

This is where social proof enters the stage. Spotlight, please! Social proof is endorsements through likes, retweets, and comments by highly engaged and committed readers. The more social proof, the higher your blog will appear in Google searches and the more general traffic it will receive. Honestly, if you’re posting every day you’re likely not to get as much social proof.  Posting between one and three times per week is a reasonable amount on the writing end and for the readers.

Get Your Groove On

At the end of the day, nobody can tell you what schedule is right for you. But whatever you decide, consistency is key because blogging here and there will not attract an engaged audience. It’s a big mistake to promise and not deliver. If you post every Wednesday morning for a year and suddenly start to flake, your readership is likely to become sporadic as well.

There is a sea of blogs out there and people aren’t likely to waste their time before they jump on board to read a different site. All that work, just to be swept under the carpet!

Just find yourself a groove and get it on (the blog, that is)! Take a thoughtful approach in deciding how often to update the blog and pick a number that won’t overwhelm you or your readers. If you can find time to blog every day that's great! But consistent, quality content delivered through weekly posts will be more valuable to your followers.

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