All Your Content Needs Is Elbow Grease


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Just because something is a little old doesn't mean it's bad. Break out the polish and find some new ways to breathe life into your well performing, but a little dated, content pieces. There are always new visitors that have never seen some of your old content gems before.  Content generation is not a one-and-done business. Tweak quality content to extend its life four different ways.  


#1. Update with new information

Sometimes all you post needs is a refresh with the latest data and statistics. Think about the “You Need to Know These 17 Content Marketing Stats”-style posts. Two years out, those numbers become stale.  Add the latest numbers with new corroborating links and post again.  Make sure to note it's been updated and change the date.

#2. Tweak the content

Renovate content with some snazzy new features. That is, giving blogs an uplift by tweaking the headlines, revising some grammar and sentences, and adding new content links. Consider swapping photos or adding new, more relevant images. What can you do to improve the SEO? Once the content is lemony-fresh, post again.

#3. Repackage

Take high-performing quality content and change its form. Transform content from a blog to an infographic. Gather several blogs and edit into an ebook.  Break an ebook into several short videos. Change an infographic into interactive content like a slideshow or quiz. As you can see, the options are endless. If you're not interested in transforming a video into a blog, do something else like creating a “best of” list using your existing content.

#4. Change how you market

Introduce your content to a new audience by changing your social media marketing approach.  Using a throwback day is an easy way to bring old content to the surface again, but there are

other ways, too.  Pull a statistic from a blog or infographic to create a shareable image ideal for your social media platform of choice, like Instagram or Twitter. Tweak the headline and change the header. Test what social content appeals to the audience.


Regularly refreshing the content is a way to “bump” its performance and attract a new audience. Breathing new life into old content has the advantage of boosting search engine optimization. Help the content continue performing and pull new web traffic with the right update.

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