Align Your CRE Marketing Goals with the Right Social Content


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By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Never fear the goal! It’s how we measure the efforts behind our social media, blogging, emails, and other online lead-generating tactics. We know setting goals challenge some, especially in a vast field like content marketing. And once you’ve set these goals, what tactics will help you achieve your objectives?  Let’s align common commercial real estate goals with the right content strategies to support the goal.

Most CRE content marketing goals fall under seven umbrellas, as numbered below. A thoughtful social media, blogging, and content strategy supports your efforts in each of these areas.

#1. Brand Awareness

Goals in this category are about building trust and rapport with current and prospective clients. You’ll want content that exemplifies what your brand stands for and how you differentiate from the competition.

Target content: Blogging builds brand awareness with its touchstone, evergreen content. It helps you rank better in search engines so people discover you organically. Blogging provides original content for social media posts. Guest appearances are crucial for exposing your brand to new, related audiences. Find “guest” space on Q&As, blogs, podcasts, and video interviews. Use hashtags in social media posts to become organically discoverable. Create videos and white papers that address clients early in the sales funnel: people who are researching the topic or exploring their options.

#2. Drive Traffic

You want to drive traffic to your website or to content you own. To drive traffic to your website, you must offer something of value. Think a free download of a white paper, ebook, exclusive report, an infographic, or a webinar.

Target content: This requires a multi-channel effort, with call-to-actions on your owned content like blogs or an email newsletter, plus paid channels like social media advertising. Blogging helps drive organic traffic through search engine placement. Your email list is another way to get an initial bump to a targeted webpage or post. Social media networks help target paid promotions towards your website or product. You’ll want a variety of engaging, highly visual social media posts.

#3. Customer Education

In this goal, you want customers to be better informed about the special services or products you provide. This education help them make better purchasing decisions. If your startup is revolutionary, you may need to educate your customers that there is a need for your services.

Target content: Again, blogging is a benchmark content strategy. With how-to blogs and thought leadership-style content, customers learn more about the service and niche. White papers, ebooks, and research reports support customer education. Consider creating tutorial videos on how to use your service or infographics about your service niche.

#4. Generate Prospects/Sales

This self-explanatory goal is about the bottom line. How can your social media and blogging efforts turn that web traffic into a bona fide potential sale?

Target content: To discover more prospects and more sales, you’ll need to do some more legwork. Leading the way here are emails. You’ll need a smart campaign to capture email address and a system to deliver the right email content at the right time. Offering white papers, ebooks, and webinars help lure people to provide an email address. All content, from blogs to videos, need a clear call-to-action. Social media networks offer paid advertising campaigns to target potential prospects.

#5. Build Reputation

Your goal is to become established in the CRE industry as a leader. What’s the content that supports that?

Target content: Pretty much all content supports this goal: blogging, podcasts, webinars, videos, social media. In this case, target the content types and social networks that work best with you and your audience. Work to respond to others on social media platforms and to blog contents. Find guest opportunities and host others as guests on your networks. Leverage any testimonials or social media reviews. Video testimonials are especially powerful as social proof.

#6. Generating Engagement

You want more people to like, share, or poke your quality content. You want to build an engaged community. Likely, you’re hoping this will play into other goals, like more brand awareness or more prospects.

Target content: In this case, you can pay to promote your existing content on social media networks. Use email newsletters to revisit your best-performing blogs, podcasts, or videos. The best tactic is to give more than you receive. Build a reputation and encourage engagement by responding to the posts, tweets, and blogs of others.

#7. Building strategic partnerships

Commercial real estate relies on relationships to achieve business goals. Integrations and partnerships are more important than ever.

Target content: Your content marketing supports strategic partnerships. Host Q&A blogs, live video interviews, and webinars. Team up to write a series of guest blogs. Work together on an infographic. Co-author a white paper. Appear on someone else’s podcast. Share each other’s social media content.

As you can see, nearly all content types work to achieve your marketing goals. Remember to focus on quality, not quantity when creating your content. Go to your audience. Why use Snapchat or Google+ if your audience isn’t active there?  

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