Add Headcount Without Adding Headcount: Marketing Departments are Calling for Freelancers


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Bring in the Back-up

Unless there is an army of octopi interning for your company real estate company this quarter, it is likely your marketing department knows the feeling of being bogged down. The team may feel like they can never get ahead. Heck, they probably always feel miles behind schedule. And that’s because when working with time-sensitive content, such as weekly blog posts, quickly responding to clients, and keeping an Instagram feed juiced, stopping is simply not an option. Or worst yet, maybe you don’t have a marketing department!

The to-do list never ends, it simply cycles back around day after day after day. Even for a whole team of people, the demands of marketing can become a difficult beast to tame. And to not just get it done, but to do it well--and that just may require some back-up.

Between salary, benefits and year-end bonuses, adding headcount to keep your website content fresh probably isn’t an option. Fortunately, this isn’t really a problem because the workforce is changing in ways we never imagined. Yes, we are talking about employing a business’s secret weapon, the freelancer or a third-party marketer.

Why the Freelancer?

There are many reasons to opt for a freelancer. And the benefits, well, there are just too many to count. Here are the top three reasons to skip the extra headcount and work with professionals out of the office.

First of all, it saves your company more than just some spare change. While the freelancer or third-party marketer often charges the big bucks by the hour, you aren’t forking out a yearly salary. Companies save between 20-30 percent annually by opting to outsource work to freelancers.

Perk #2: The job will get done fast and it will be done well. Freelancers and third-party marketers only charge for the hours they work, or the work they do. Why would they waste time refilling the ice cube trays in the break room if they aren’t getting paid for it?

Freelancers are flexible, and all companies could use a little stretch. They don’t work in the confines of a traditional office schedule. When you close up shop for the day, freelancers and third-party marketers are still busy working to respond to Facebook messages, posting listings, and developing new web content. They don’t even have to be night owls--the person who may capture your company’s personality the best may be typing away mid-day from the other side of the world.

It’s all about what your real estate company needs to stay competitive. While we’ve laid out a few reasons why you should go for it, you won’t know the true value of outsourcing some of your marketing to a pro until you do it for yourself.

Opting to Outsource

So you’re convinced and are ready to search for a niche writer who is an absolute commercial real estate guru. Here are some of the best jobs to outsource:

  • Blog and web content--Good writing takes time. Professional writers will consistently produce high quality, interest texts dripping with SEO-rich phrases. The fresh perspective of a freelancer will bring traffic to your sites like never before.

  • Marketing and social media--Social media has to be, well, social. If you can’t keep up with your Inbox, how do you expect to stay abreast the rapid-fire interactions on Instagram? Don’t worry, there is a freelancer out there who's got your back.

  • Designing a website, logo, or brand--Please, for the love of all things good in this world, do not, I repeat, do not settle for a self-designed logo or website banner. Save the clipart and Comic Sans for the neighborhood lemonade stand. This is your brand. In terms of meat, you want your branding materials to be strip steak quality, the best in town, custom designed to capture the essence of your company.

  • Website programming--Leave this one to the programming geniuses. Case closed.

It may be difficult to give up some control to someone who is not invested in the intricate workings of the company. However, freelancers often have the distance needed  to bring a fresh pair of eyes to your marketing department. It’s all about establishing the terms and best practices up-front. These people are not employees, meaning they know the stakes are much higher and they are bound to turn in their best. And remember, it’s easy to work with a number of freelancers until you find one that captures the professional, approachable personality of your commercial real estate company.

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