10 Prime Examples of Infographics for CRE

Blog Post by Lindsey Imperatore, Director of Marketing at The News Funnel

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Did you know infographics are three times more likely to be shared and liked than a plain text post? That is if executed well. Not all infographics are created equal. Think back to your instructional days of PowerPoint when our teachers pleaded with us to avoid stuffing slides with text. Some infographic designers missed that message. Other designers make poor design choices, from color themes to zero blank space. Professional visual design elevates an infographic. Our favorite infographic examples use a clever theme, balance design and facts, and use layout to their advantage.


TheBrokerList and Buildout partnered to survey CRE professionals about their workload, tech tools, and strategies in 2015 and 2016. They results were assembled an interactive demographic that’s just as fun to click through as it is an informative snapshot of the CRE industry. See the infographic or read the summary.

Every Day on LoopNet

LoopNet is a commercial real estate listing and marketplace service with over 5 million monthly visitors. The infographic “Every Day on Loopnet” plays double-duty: it’s a snapshot of how the service is used and it’s an eye-catching piece of marketing collateral. Favorite line? “Just look what you’re missing every day you’re not listing with LoopNet Premium Lister.” Answer? Around 215,063 visitors and 84,000 emails with listing sent, plus much more. View the infographic and learn more about who’s searching for CRE and the hottest markets.

Welcome to Cushman & Wakefield

Rather than write a standard CRE bio for an “about” page, Cushman & Wakefield summarized their key statistics in a handy infographic. One glance provides all the key facts real estate brokerages like to tout: employees, global reach, revenue, sf managed, etc. It’s a smart application of an infographic to an “about” space. See it here.

Real Estate Investment Realities

In another collaboration, MemphisInvest.com and BiggerPockets designed an excellent visual representation of the investment world for potential and current real estate investors. This 2012 infographic covers facts on the housing crisis and the impact investors had on restoring buyer confidence. The infographic also profiles the average real estate investor, the average they spend renovating properties, and how they finance purchases. View the infographic.

ICSC Industry Snapshot

This infographic was part of a series by ICSC designed to present its bi-weekly report in an easily digestible and mobile-friendly form. A helpful one-glance visual of retail data, readers learn a wealth of information in one place. Did you know in 2014 that for every person in the U.S. there was 23.8 sq ft of shopping center retail space? Other fun facts: chain stores by market segment and their year-over-year change, vacancy rates in the third quarter of 2013, average net operating income by region, and inventory. Visit the sample infographic here or search the ICSC blog for more industry snapshot infographics.

Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2016

Forbes Insights surveyed senior executives in markets across the CRE industry to understand the most recent challenges facing the field. That information captured on CRE investments, tech benefits, capital, and demographics is easily read in their CRE outlook infographic. Download the infographic from Forbes Insights.

Smart Buildings Means Smart Savings

The visual design in this infographic by Telefonica, an Internet of Things(IoT) solutions provider, is strikingly appropriate. The designers used a skyscraper to layout facts about how smart buildings and offices reduce energy waste and costs. Key statistics are captured in circles that double as a chart. See the infographic on Telefonica.

Commercial Real Estate Outlook for 2017

We love smart themes in infographics. Deloitte produced an infographic using weather forecasting to capture trends commercial real estate professionals should follow to drive growth. This simple design uses appropriate weather-themed symbols to reflect positive, neutral, and negative changes in different niches: homebuilders, engineering & construction, REITs, and more. Visit Deloitte to view or download the outlook.

A Day in the Life of a CRE Broker, 1997 vs 2017

This charming infographic by Apto captures how much life has changed for commercial real estate brokers. What’s clear to see is how much social media drives a broker’s daily interactions compared to 1997 when a business relied on landline phones plugged into the office. See the changes yourself.

Trends Shaping our Modern #CRECOSYSTEM

RealMassive is CRE’s open and connected digital marketplace, removing antiquated barriers in order to unleash the power of the industry’s rich data. Increasingly, CRE pros are pressured to adopt digital, on-demand business practices in order to remain competitive. In order to do so, the industry must recognize the power of mobile, social, and actionable data practices, which will ultimately accelerate deal flow for modern tenants, owners, and investors. Their #CREcosystem trends infographic connects the dots between demographic and economic statistics, outlining steps to future-proof your business for the changes ahead.

May these infographic examples inspire your next infographic endeavor. Your audience will thank you. Using infographics as part of your content strategy is a smart tactic that can boost your social engagement.