8 Ways to Engage Your Customers on Social Media

Social media marketing done right will initiate a two-way conversion between you and your consumers. If every time you publish the response is crickets, brush up on your tactics to boost audience engagement. Audience engagement is a snowball rolling downhill: it starts small but grows as it picks up momentum. Get the ball rolling with these easy tips.

1) Leverage Your Data

Don’t ignore reporting metrics. Use them to maximize your ROI. First you need to know when your audience is visiting. Schedule social messages at the best times to reach the largest audience. Metrics further educate us on which messages gain the most traction. That enables more precise content tailoring to improve audience engagement. The proof is in the data.

2) Create and Share Videos

Facebook is a top video-sharing platform with its new Facebook Live feature. It’s not the only network with high video engagement: 82% of Twitter users view video on that social network, and Instagram Stories had 5 million videos shared in 24 hours when it first debuted in 2013. Video is essential for reaching and engaging your audience. Having professional equipment is great, but starting with smartphone captured video is fine. Keep videos on the shorter side--think 1 minute, 30 seconds. Share behind-the-scenes moments, customer testimonials, quick interviews, a product demonstration, or the office staff having a bit of fun. Creating and sharing videos will help boost engagement.

3) Tag, Others Are It

Start a conversion by mentioning other people. Tag guest bloggers or sources of information in your social content. Thank them. If you accept guest contributors, promote their work with their username. If you share someone’s content, keep their name included and thank them for sharing an excellent resource. Use your customers to inspire content and let them know they are the source. “Our next blog came from a question @johndoe asked us at #Convention2017. Thanks for the inspiration!”

4) Repurpose Amazing Content

Great content isn’t a firework that booms once and is done. Recycle by sharing on social media more than once. Mix up the copy to promote it  and vary the posting schedule to maximize audience reach. If your analytics show the audience responds well a particular piece of content, keep using it. Resharing content can garner 31.5 times more clickthroughs than the one-and-done approach.

5) Images Boost Shares

We’re visual people and the statistics back that up. Posts with photos, memes, and GIFs have more social shares than text-only documents. On Instagram, more than 40 billion photos have been shared thus far. Photos with faces gain more shares than those without. Going back to tip #3, tag the faces on Facebook and Instagram posts. Learn how integrating Instagram into your website and blog can boost your real estate marketing.

6) Join a Group or Forum

Dive into discussions relevant to your industry by joining a group on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. Remember the primary reason to join other’s discussions is to be helpful, but along the way you’ll meet influencers that are more likely to share your content outside the group. Some groups we like are Corporate Real Estate, ULI-the Urban Land Institute, and CRE Blogger Network.

6) Create a Facebook Group

Make it easier to ask questions and gain feedback on upcoming content by creating a Facebook Group. Write guidelines to foster the kind of engagement you’re looking for and help members participate in the discussions. Large groups can select administrators to help oversee the members. Facebook Groups done well build active social communities.

7) Host a Twitter Chat

Schedule a Twitter Chat with your audience. It’s easy. Create an chat-specific hashtag for participants to use, define a day and time, and decide if it will be a recurring event. Advertise the chat and its topics in advance so the audience knows what they’ll learn from the chat. Design special graphics to make questions stand out during the Twitter chat. Like, reply, and answer followers during the chat event.

8) Be Social

Just like a face-to-face meeting, be friendly. Use followers’ names in the conversation. Ask open-ended questions to gain more feedback. If the conversation is truly over, you can still end with “Please feel free to contact us at any time!” or a similar message. Pay attention and jump on the trends, like the Harlem Shake or Mannequin Challenge.

Listening and being responsive are essential to increasing social engagement. Leverage these tips to start boosting audience engagement or learn more ideas on getting people to talk about you online.

Header Image Photo Credit: joethegoatfarmer.com

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