8 Time-Saving Content Curation Tools

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Original content is always preferred over content created by others. However, sharing quality pieces on social media news feeds does have benefits. Curating content helps engage with influencers, show followers you stay on top of trends, and sources contents that would help your followers. With the staggering amount of material consistently being published makes it easy to miss quality content. A content curation tool comes in handy tracking and sharing the best material. Try these platforms to manage shared content.

Daily Newsletters

Email newsletters from key influencers are great to find creative content. Most industries have leaders offering newsletter subscriptions. An alternative daily newsletter uses an RSS feeder to capture trending content and send a daily email of the best posts to your inbox.


Pocket is the Pinterest of content curation. Forget never ending bookmark lists or sending yourself emails to save the link. Pocket captures images, articles, videos and one place and turns them into an easy to view dashboard for reference. Download the button on your browser and the app on your smartphone to use Pocket anywhere for capturing interesting content. Tag articles and use the built-in search functionality to find the content you’ve saved. Pocket integrates with other apps like Evernote.


Feedly is a news aggregator RSS feed. Add a few of your favorite content sources to your Feedly accounts, sort by category, and off you go. Create different feeds to track different subjects. Save content onto boards. Browse the feeds from your desktop or your mobile devices. An additional subscription service offers Evernote and Pocket integration. Feedly does not capture images, just blogs and articles.


Think of Storify as a social newsroom. The platform captures content and turns it into a followable, visual story. Search, browse, or create stories from social media websites. Users can curate, review, and publish unique stories. Companies have used Storify’s unique collaboration and narrative style to broadcast product launches, Q&A's, and special events. Storify is available free, but to create live blog stories with the new Storify 2, a tool supported through Adobe’s Livefyre Engagement Cloud, requires a subscription.


Excellent for large teams of multiple content creators, Curata has a recommendation engine that sources content relevant to your audience without a ton of manpower time searching. Fine tune the settings to customize and categorize content sources for review. The curation software is a self-learning engine that organizes content within a few clicks. Their publishing and promotion options allow for annotations while repurposing content across numerous social and content marketing platforms. Curata is not free and starts at $499 a month.


Use the power of search and artificial intelligence to curate third-party content with TrapIt. Contact collections called “traps” stream constant real-time content based on the topics and how you interact with the content. The more you use the tool, the smarter the results get.


PublishThis is another paid content curation provider that uses a search engine algorithm to locate relevant content for curation based on a programmed semantic and tag search. PublishThis includes an API to push content to other platforms and apps. Customize the content for your audience while making an original content at the same time.


This creation platform helps you share curated content direct to your social channels. Search for content by keyword, edit selected content to match your brand, and publish content to a website or blog from a desktop or mobile app. Capture interesting content while browsing using the Scoop.It bookmarklet. Use their predictive insights and measuring tools to empower your curated content. Scoop.It’s content curation service is free to sign up with paid premium features available.

Remember, content curation is never a replacement for original content. A content curator platform can save time, but the best way to ensure quality includes a personal touch. Curated content needs to be reviewed and edited to match your brand guidelines.