8 Facebook Groups for Real Estate Professionals

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Groups come and go, but the right group carries serious benefits for the real estate professional. Think networking potential, crowd-sourcing honest advice from experienced industry insiders, and sometimes, the source of a good chuckle. Facebook Groups run the gamut from a closed network of vetted professionals to public forums. Start with these eight leading Facebook groups.

National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Ideal for: Real estate agents, brokers

Mission: As the official group of America’s largest real estate trade association, the NAR connects residential and commercial agents across the industry. Over 17,000 professionals are members of the group. Its intent is for its Association members to ask questions, discuss industry information, and trade advice. No listings or advertising of any kind is allowed.

Commercial Real Estate Network

Ideal for: Anyone in the commercial real estate industry

Mission: Designed as a commercial real estate support group, this networking avenue is for anyone, including third-party vendors, real estate financial providers, and others providing services in commercial real estate. This support group boasts over 13,000 industry professionals. Listings are welcome.

Real Estate Success Principles

Ideal for: Real estate agents, brokers, real estate service providers

Mission: Pitched as a survival group, this closed Facebook page is made of over 16,000 industry experts exchanging ideas about running a successful real estate business. Advice ranges from launching a new startup to how to market services. Request access to join and start learning best practices.

Facebook Real Estate Investors

Ideal for: New and seasoned real estate investors, lenders

Mission: Network with wholesalers, real estate agents, lenders, and other investors in this 38,000 member-strong Facebook group. Gain advice no matter where you stand in the investment market. This group is okay with promoting your company and brand services.

Private Lender Network

Ideal for: Real Estate Investors, private lenders, borrowers seeking crowdfunding or alternative lending

Mission: Over 5000 members of the Private Lender Network consist of Real Estate Investors and borrowers looking to connect and close deals. As its name suggests, it includes private lenders, hard money lenders and other types of funding providers. This is a public group.

Raise the Bar in Real Estate

Ideal for: Real estate agents, brokerage firms

Mission: Raise the bar uses the power of crowdsourcing to help agents empower their business growth--hence the group name. Expect conversations around trends and industry issues. This is a public group with over 19,000 members.

Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents

Ideal for: Independent real estate agents

Mission: Not sure how to improve your SEO in Wordpress? Stuck on finding something in Google Analytics? Ask here in this public group for technical questions aimed at real estate agents. Participation and tips are encouraged.

Commercial Real Estate Gurus

Ideal for: Commercial real estate professionals, property managers, leasing brokers

Mission: Network with veterans and up-and-coming professionals in the commercial real estate industry. This open group of 5,000 professionals is ideal for making new business connections. Topics must focus on the CRE industry and spam is not tolerated.

Joining a Facebook group can be a valuable experience as long as you follow the rules. Are these Facebook groups not what you are looking for? Search Facebook to find more groups, or start one!